Alexander Hamilton Papers

Account with John Nixon, 23 July 1792

Account with John Nixon1

Alexander Hamilton Esqr

Philada. July 23rd. 1792

  To John Nixon Dr For Rent of 2 Stores (occupied by Mr Pierce)2 from Sepr. 8th 1791 to this Day, is 10 Months & 15 Days @ 70/ ⅌ Month £ 36..15..0
For Rent of 2 other Stores (also occupied by him) from Octr 22 1791 to this day, 9 Months @ 70 / ⅌ Month   31..10..0
£ 68.. 5 03

D, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress[@LOC].

1Nixon, a Philadelphia merchant, was president of the Bank of North America.

2William Pearce, an Englishman whom H had employed to work for the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures, had set up the machines which he had constructed for the society at Philadelphia. His “Manufactory” was inspected by Philadelphia weavers and by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Pearce left Philadelphia in July, 1792, with his machines to go to Paterson, New Jersey, the site of the Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures.

3A receipt in H’s handwriting and signed by Samuel R. Franklin is on the back of this document. The receipt reads as follows:

“Received Philadelphia July 25. 1792 of Alexander Hamilton One hundred & fifty Dollars on account of the within. For John Nixon

Saml. R Franklin”

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