Alexander Hamilton Papers

[From Alexander Hamilton to the Gazette of the United States], [27 June 1792]

[To the Gazette of the United States]1

[Philadelphia, June 27, 1792]

[Philadelphia] Gazette of the United States, June 27, 1792.

1Philip Marsh states that the defense of the Bank of the United States which was published under “Original Communications” was “apparently” written by H (“Hamilton’s Neglected Essays, 1791–1793,” The New-York Historical Society Quarterly, XXXII [October, 1948], 291). On June 29, 1792, Thomas Jefferson wrote to James Madison: “The present will cover [John] Fenno of the 23d & 27th. In the last you will discover Hamilton’s pen in defence of the bank, and daring to call the republican party a faction” (Ford, Writings of Jefferson description begins Paul Leicester Ford, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson (New York, 1892–1899). description ends , VI, 95). No additional evidence that H was the author of this article has been found.

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