Alexander Hamilton Papers

[“C”], [20 June 1792]


[Philadelphia, June 20, 1792]

[Philadelphia] Gazette of the United States, June 20, 1792.

1Philip Marsh has written: “On June 20th of the same year, when Hamilton, aroused by the attacks in Philip Freneau’s National Gazette, was admittedly on the point of exposing the ‘plot’ to subvert the Constitution led, as he thought, by Jefferson, a strong indictment of that newspaper and its supporters as ‘a faction,’ signed ‘C.,’ appeared in Hamilton’s favorite organ and in his style” (“Hamilton’s Neglected Essays, 1791–1793,” The New-York Historical Society Quarterly, XXXII [October, 1948], 289). No other evidence concerning H’s authorship of this letter to the Gazette has been found

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