Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: [List of Clerks Engaged in Registers Office], 11 May 1792


A List of the Clerks engaged in the Registers Office with a note of objects on which they are employed and the Rate of their respective, Compensations.
Division of the
Treasury Records
Names Salary   Employment
Revenue arising from
Impost, Tonnage and
Joshua Dawson 700   Superintends and Examines the Accounts of Impost Tonnage and Excise. He also corrisponds with, and forwards to, the several Commissioners of Loans Certificates for the public Debt. He forwards to the several Collectors of the Customs blanks for registering vessels. He registers Bills of Exchange drawn by the Treasurer on the Collectors and certifies on the Bill a Record of the same. He arranges and prepares the Annual Return, for Congress, of the Duties arising from Impost, Tonnage & Excise. He is also deputed by the Register to pay the Contingent Expences of the Treasury Department.
Edward OHara 400 Under Mr. Dawson—Registers the Accounts of the Collectors in the Impost Book, and occasionally assists in other Branches of the Business.
William James 350 Keeps the Tonnage Books and those of the Excise.
Receipt and
Expenditures of
Public Money
Thos. OHara 600 Copying the Auditors and Comptrollers Certificates of Balances found due in Specie, on Settlement at the Treasury, in Order that the Secy. may issue his Warrant therefor. Registering all Specie Warrants drawn upon the Collector of the Duties on Goods, wares and Merchandize—On the Supervisors of the Duties on distilld Spirits. Likewise all Warrants drawn (in Specie) on the Treasurer for monies for use of the Departmt of War, Civil List, for payment of Interest on the Funded Debt &c. Journalizing the above and posting it into the Ledger, which contains the Treasurers, Secretary of War, paymaster Genl. Contractors, Commissioners of Loans for paymt of Interest & Invalids Accts. with various others. Likewise the Statemt: of ye different appropriations. To Certify to the Auditor and Comptoller the Advances made to Individuals—such as the Commissioner of Loans for the Payment of Interest. And of Invalids. To the Contractors for Supply of Provisions Clothing, Quarter Masters Stores &c and of the different Officers of Government for their Contingent Expence. Filing and keeping the Statements and vouchers of the Expenditures in Specie.
Genl and Particular
Loan officer Accts.
Miles F. Clossy 700 On the Journal and Ledger of the Domestic Debt, Ledger of the Assumed Debt and Ledger of the General Account of Interest. Also engaged in examining the Quarterly Accts. Currt. of the several Commissioners and in furnishing Quarterly Statements of their Accounts as they stand on the Books of the Treasury. And generally superintending.
Stewart Cummins 300 On the Journals of the Assumed Debt and General Account of Interest and in making Enteries from a Blotter into a Book preparatory for journalizing·the Warrants of Transferr of the Assumed Debt. Under the Direction of do.
Michael Kennedy 350 Making Waste Book Enteries of the Warrants of Transfer of the Domestic and Assumed Debts, and also in making fair Enteries of the Warrants of the domestic debt into a Book preparatory to the Journal. Under the Direction of do.
David Rittenhouse 200 Making fair Copies into Books opened for the purpose, of the Dividend Accounts of the Treasury, the Accounts of unclaimed Interest, and the Quarterly Abstracts rendered from this Office of the Accounts with the Loan offices. Under the Direction of do.
Issuing Certificates
of the Domestic and
Assumed Debt
Jos: Stretch 700 Superintending Clerk. Employd in examining the several Certificates with the original Transferrs or Warrants and deleniating the Checks for the same. He also ocassionally makes out Certificates for deferred Stock and prepares the Receipts for Signature.
Saml M. Frauncis 350 Employd in the Delivery of Certificates and filling Receipts for the same.
Jno. Matthews 350 An Assistant in making out Certificates of the above 6 ⅌ Cent Stock.
Charles Wilson 350 Employd in making out Certificates of 3 ⅌. Cent Stock & Transfer from and to the Books of the General and particular Loan Offices.
On the Books and
records which relate
to the several Creditors
on the Domestic
and Assumed Debt.
Jacob S. Howell 600 Keeps the Journal and Ledger of the Domestic 6 ⅌. Ct. Stock of public Creditors on the Books of the Treasy.
Chas. Tompkins 550 do. 3 ⅌. Cent do.
Mattw Walker 500 do. the Deferred Ledger. He also keeps an alphabitical Arrangement of all the old Certificates issued on the Register’d Debt and likewise of the Interest arising thereon.
Wm. Story 500 Keeps the Journal and Ledger of the Evidences of the Debt funded which shews the various Certificates &c upon which said Debt is founded.
John Finley 550 Keeps the 6 ⅌. Cent 3 ⅌ Cent & deferred Assumed Debts.
William Shepherd 300 Assistant to the Clerks on the 6 ⅌ and 3 ⅌. Cent domestic & assumed Debts.
Books and records
which relate to
the several Creditors
on the domestic
and Assd. Debt
Geo. Mitchell 266.60 Employd in arranging the files of the several Description of Stock.
Registd Debt, the
paymt. of its
Intt: and the
Enteries of Record
from the Statem.
and vouchers on
which said Debt
is founded.
John Litle 500 Keeps the Journal and Ledger of Register’d Debt Sett No. 1. Superintends the Issuing of Certificates and prepares Checks for the Signature of the Register for the Payment of Interest on the registerrd debt.
Registerd debt,
the payment of
its Intt. and
the Enteries of
Record from the Statement
and vouchers on
which said Debt
is founded.
Gabriel Nourse 500 Fills up Certificates for registerd Debt for Signature, also the Receips for Signature of the public Creditors and files and Endorses the Vouchers.
do. Jno. Hindman 500 Journalizes and posts the Books of Registerrd Debt No. 2
The Books and
Records of the Old
Armit Brown 500 Makes the Blotter Enteries and journalizes the Accots. of the late Governmt.
Wm. L. Gardner 500 Posting the Accounts and ballancing the Books of the old Governmt.
Geo: Tibbald 400 Recording the Accots. of the Old Governmt.
The Arrangment of
public Securities
Jno. Woodside 650 Superintending Clerk is employd in Arrangeing the several Species of Certificates cancell’d at the Treasury under the old and prest. Government.
Simeon Reynolds 400 Selects from the vouchers and arranges the Certificates loaned at the Office of the Commissioner of Loans for State of Connecttt.
Saml Clendennon 300 Selects from the vouchers and arranges the Certificates loand at the office of the Commissioner of Loans for Pennsylvania
James Stewart 266.60 do. those taken up by the late Board of Treasury.
Archd. Woodside 350 do. those of Rhode Island.
Elias B. Woodward 266.60 do. those of Maryland.
Harman Stout 400 do. those of Massachusetts.
Filing and
Enrolement of
Ships Registers
Jno. Woodward 500 Registering of Shipping &c.
Vide Remarks A
Total Dollrs. 14,650

J. N. Regr.

4DS, RG 53, Register of the Treasury, Estimates and Statements for 1792, Vol. “134–T,” National Archives.

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