Alexander Hamilton Papers
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Enclosure A: [Petitions for the Renewal of Certificates], 20 April 1792


List of sundry Petitions for the renewal of Certificates reported on to the
House of Representatives, April 20th: 1792.

No. 1 Petition of Josias Clapham No. 13. Petition of Daniel Schermerhorn
2 John Higby. 14 John Craine.
3 John Elias Moore 15 Peter Huber.
4 William Arnold 16 John Hays.
William Albaugh and
Margaret Cowell3
17 Daniel Robbins.
6 Daniel Freer. 18 John Pollhemus.
7 Laurana Richardson &c. 19 Thomas Donnellan,
8 Elizabeth Mark. 20 Stephen Remington
9 Henry Lee, 21 Daniel Skillman,4
10 William Graham junr. 22 John Hayden.
11 William Baker. 23 Job Kittredge &c.
12 William Jones. 24 William Robinson.

3Margaret Crowell.

4Samuel Skillman.

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