Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure C: Extract of a Letter from Major General Greene, to Major General Lincoln, Secretary at War, 11 November 1782

Extract of a letter from Major General Greene, to Major General Lincoln, Secretary at War, dated

“Head Quarters, November 11th 1782.”

“I am taking measures to obtain clothing for the troops. We have on hand but a small part of our winter clothing, and after what we shall be obliged to issue to those troops going northwardly, we shall have but a small pittance left. I imagine, our purchases will amount to not less than forty thousand dollars, for which I shall draw bills on the Financier; and, as I provide the clothing, at your instance, and by your order, I hope, you will prepare the Financier for the draughts, that the bills may be punctually paid: I have already drawn in favor of a Messrs. Banks and Company, for eight thousand dollars, in bills of different values, to secure the clothing, and by this step, I am in hopes to save twenty per cent on the goods. I am to advance twelve hundred guineas, which I am in hopes to get from Mr. Hall,25 the Continental Receiver. You will please to inform Mr. Morris, that I have applied, and propose to appropriate this sum to the payment of the clothing. If, in any thing, I have exceeded your intentions, you will please to inform me: My estimates are barely sufficient for covering the troops, and, as I am informed, the northern army is completely clad, and, as you mention a desire, that this should, I have laid out, accordingly, as far as the articles, necessary for the purpose, could be had; many things cannot.”

25George Abbott Hall had been appointed receiver of Continental taxes for South Carolina on January 18, 1782. Over Hall’s protests Greene eventually obtained the twelve hundred guineas from him to meet the expenses for clothing.

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