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Enclosure: [Account of a Farm in Talbot County], 11 November 1791


The following account is of a farm in Talbot County (State of Maryland) of middling goodness; with the medium produce of it’s last four years Crops. It contains about 450 acres, of which 180 are woodland, 270 arable, & of this 110 are pasture. The value of the whole, as it might be expected to sell on time, according to present opinion is £2,500.

It’s Produce, in common, the medium of 4 years, follows.

qt’y. value  
Wheat 700– £263. 0.0.
Corn 450 £67. 0.0.
Potatoes, with fruit,
other roots & vegetables
in value.—
50. 0.0
Tobacco 5000 ld. 50. 0.0
Wood for fuel, cord 160 20 0.0
Hay, tons 5 25. 0.0
Pulse (Peas &c)
Hemp 20 ld 10.0
Flax 100 2.10.0
Wool 200 10. 0.0
Butter 400 20. 0.0
Cotton, Cheese, fruit
Cattle 35; calves annually raised  5; £120. 0.0
Horses 20; Colt, do. do.  1; 250. 0.0
Sheep 80; Lambs do. do. 30; 75. 0.0
Hogs, anny. killd. or sold 30; 60. – –
Poultry pr year—dunghill 400—Turkies 100. Ducks 90.

The quantities & values are generally in round numbers, which has a suspicious appearance. But the worthy farmer after considering well each article, stated them partly from memory, partly from notes or scraps of paper, & thought it best to omit fractional quantities & sums as he had not perfect minutes. It is the accot. of an honest, candid man, who wou’d not have given it, if he had not believed it to be generally just.

2LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

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