Alexander Hamilton Papers
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Enclosure: [Estimates in Response to Treasury Department Circular of August 13, 1791], [27 October 1791]


Kinds of Land. Annual Product
Value of Farm. Acres of arable Land. Acres of pasture
Acres of Meadow. Acres of
Bushels of wheat. Bushels of Rye. Bushels of Corn. Bushels of Oats. Bushels of Barley. Bushels of Buck
Bushels of Potatoes. Other roots and
Vegetables in value.
Black Cattle. Horses. Sheep. Hogs. Dozens Poultry. lbs Tobacco. Cords of wood
consumed in fuel.
Lands divided into
three classes.
47. 10. 7. 250. 150. 150. 250 160 50. 50. 200. Considerable quantities
of pumkins,
turnips &c.
whose value
I cannot ascertain.
4. 2. 6. 15. 6. a small quty. for own consumption. Without number. 8. Tons.
1st Class—25/. ⅌ acre
2d do.—15/.   do.
3d do.—10/.   do.
averaged value 16/8.
Kinds of Land & their
annual products
Quantity consumed by Cattle and Poultry   30. 200 60     160                 6.
   Prices 3/9. 2/6. 2/. 1/6. 3/9. 1/6. 1/10.                 50/- ⅌ Ton.

2LC, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

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