Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: Silvanus Walker to Daniel Stevens, 1 September 1791

Silvanus Walker to Daniel Stevens4

Septr 1st 1791


Agreeable to your request I am to inform you that there is no manufactories carried on in the interior parts of this State only in private families; and they in general manufactor as much as they commonly wear a few samples of which I have enclosed you but am convinced from the small knowledge I acquir’d of that business and situation of that part of the country if the people could meet with proper encouragement even from having a tolerable market that manufactor might be carried on to great advantage and perfection as there is the most convenient Mill seats I have ever seen in that part of America which have been acquainted with and flax cotton & Hemp grow exceedingly well and very good sheep is raised here and might be much improved also silk is very easy raised in this country I am Sir with due Reverance your Obliged Servt

Silvs: Walker

4ALS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

Walker’s appointment as inspector of Survey No. 3 for South Carolina was confirmed by the Senate on November 7, 1791.

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