Alexander Hamilton Papers

Conversation with George Beckwith, 24 August [1791]

Conversation with George Beckwith1

August 24th [1791]

An Officer at the Head of an Executive Department.

Mr. —— The National Assembly of France passed a decree a short time before Mr. Ternants2 embarkation, authorizing the formation of a new treaty of commerce with this country; if the influence of La Fayette and his friends, shall finally prevail in The French Councils, their general dispositions towards us, will tend greatly to forward this object.

George Beckwith

D, PRO: F.O. description begins Transcripts or photostats from the Public Records Office of Great Britain deposited in the Library of Congress. description ends , Series 4, Vol. 12, Part II.

1This document was enclosed in a letter Beckwith wrote to Lord Grenville, August 26, 1791.

For the reasons for attributing these remarks to H, see “Conversation with George Beckwith,” August 12, 1791.

2Jean Baptiste de Ternant, French Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States.

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