Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Robert Troup, [19 January 1791]

From Robert Troup

[Albany, January 19, 1791]

My dear friend

About an hour ago the election of Senator was brought on in the assembly.1 Burr succeeded by a decided majority. He has a decided Majority also in the Senate. The thing therefore may be considered as settled. The twistings, combinations, and maneuvers to accomplish this object are incredible. I was this moment attending a court of Chancery. The Chancellor2 is singularly happy. It would take a quire of paper to give you a minute detail of our present situation. We are going headlong into the bitterest opposition to the Genl Government. I pity you Most sincerly, for I know that you have not a wish but what is combined with the solid honor & interests of America. Delenda est carthago is the maxim applied to your administration. My advice to you is to continue as you have done—preface all your reports with the readiness upon which they are grounded. The time will come when your enemies will blush they are in opposition to you.

As to myself I believe I shall withdraw from politics for the present. I am disgusted to my heart.

God bless you

Rob Troup

A Hamilton Esq

2 oClock P: M.

P.S. Since writing the above Swartwout3 has been with me. The Senate he says concurred in Burr’s appointment. There were but 4 Votes for Schuyler—Gansevoort,4 Patroon,5 Micheau6 and Livingston7 voted for him. Fonda8 & Schuyler9 were absent. Swartwout is my author. If Fonda & Schuyler had been present things would not have been altered.


ALS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress[@LOC].

2Robert R. Livingston.

3Jacobus Swartwout of Fishkill was senator from the middle district.

4Leonard Gansevoort of Albany took Philip Schuyler’s seat in the state Senate when Schuyler became a member of the United States Senate.

5Stephen Van Rensselaer.

6Paul Micheau of Staten Island was a senator from the southern district.

7Philip Livingston was a senator from the southern district.

8Jellis Fonda of Montgomery County was a senator from the western district.

9Peter Schuyler of Canajoharie, senator from the western district, was the nephew of Philip Schuyler.

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