Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to Benjamin Lincoln, 22 November 1790

To Benjamin Lincoln

Treasury Department
Nov. 22d. 1790.


Your letter of the 8th. September has not been answered so early as would otherwise have been the case, from the extraordinary engagements in this office about the business of the new loan, & the removal from New York to Philadelphia.

The clause in the late1 & existing Collection Law2 relative to exporting goods in the same packages in which they were imported cannot apply to goods actually loose or in bulk, such as salt, bar iron, dried fish, &c.

The Schooner, Bee if really American built, & actually owned (when application for a register shall be made) by one or more citizens of the United States, may be registered.

You mentioned in your letter of the 7th. of October3 a Captain Tucker.4 Is he equal or preferable to any who offers as first Mate, and will he serve in that Station under Capt. Williams?5 The Emoluments you know are 20 dollars Pr. Month & two rations per day.

If you find the nature of the business of your district shall appear on consideration to require another set of Scales & weights you have my consent to procure them. I would however remark that it does not appear that more than one set has been applied for in any other place.

The Money scales and weights may be procured.

As the excess of £7.14.0 Lawful Money in the Disbursements for the Plumb Island lighthouse appears to be for a necessary extension of one Article of the repairs beyond what was originally contemplated I am of opinion the payment of it ought not be refused.

The Boat for the service of Boston Harbor of 22 feet in length may be procured, but I request the favor of as œconomical an arrangement of hands and expences as the nature of her service will admit.

Benjamin Lincoln Esqr.
Collector, Boston

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1“An Act to regulate the Collection of the Duties imposed by law on the tonnage of ships or vessels, and on goods, wares and merchandises imported into the United States” (1 Stat. description begins The Public Statutes at Large of the United States of America (Boston, 1845). description ends 29–49 [July 31, 1789]).

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3Letter not found.

4Samuel Tucker of Boston.

5John Foster Williams, captain of the revenue cutter for Massachusetts.

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