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Enclosure: Schedule I, [9 January 1790]


General Estimate for the Services of the Current Year.

Civil List, as per No. 1, 254,892.73
War department, No. 2, 155,537.72
Military Pensions, No. 3,  96,979.72
Dollars, 507,410.17

With an eye to the necessary provisions for the foreign department, and to other arrangements which may be found requisite, it appeared advisable to state in the report, to which this is annexed, a sum of six hundred thousand dollars for the current service.

Treasury Department, January 5, 1790.

No. I

Estimate of the Expenditure for the Civil List of the United States, on the Present Establishment for the Year 1790.

For the compensation to the President of the United States, 25,000  
That of the Vice-President, 5,000  
Compensation to the Chief Justice, 4,000  
Ditto to each of the five Associate Judges, 3500 dollars each, 17,500  
To the Judges of the following Districts, viz.
District of Maine, 1,000  
New-Hampshire, 1,000  
Massachusetts, 1,200  
Connecticut, 1,000  
New-York, 1,500  
New-Jersey, 1,000  
Pennsylvania, 1,600  
Delaware, 800  
Maryland, 1,500  
Virginia, 1,800  
Kentuckey, 1,000  
South-Carolina, 1,800  
Georgia, 1,500  
Attorney-General,  1,500  
Dols.   Cts. Dols.   Cts.
Compensation to the members of Congress, estimating the attendance of the whole number for six months, viz.
Speaker of the House of Representatives, at twelve dollars per day, 2,190
Eighty members, at six dollars per day, 87,600
Travelling expences computed, 15,000
To the Secretary of the Senate, one year’s salary, 1,500
Additional allowance estimated for six months, at two dollars per day, 365 1,865  
Principal Clerk to the Secretary of the Senate, for the same time, at three dollars per day, 547.50
Engrossing Clerk to the Secretary of the Senate, estimated for same time, at two dollars per day, 365  
Chaplain to the Senate, estimated for six months, at five hundred dollars per annum, 250  
Compensation to the door-keeper of the Senate, for the same time, at three dollars per day, 547.50
Messenger to the Senate, for the same time, at two dollars per day. 365  
Clerk of the House of Representatives, for one year’s salary, 1,500.
Additional allowance calculated for six months, at two dollars per day, 365. 1,865  
Principal Clerk in the office of do. estimated for same time, at three dollars per day, 547.50
Engrossing Clerk for some time, estimated at two dollars per day, 365  
Chaplain to the House of Representatives, estimated for same time, at five hundred dollars per annum, 250  
Serjeant at arms, estimated for same time at 4 dols. per day, 730  
Door-keeper, for same time, at 3 dollars per day, 547.50
Assistant door-keeper for do. at 2 dollars per day, 365   183,100  
Treasury Department
Secretary of the Treasury, 3,500  
Assistant of the Secretary of the Treasury, 1,500  
Five Clerks, at 500 dollars per annum each, 2,500  
Messenger and office keeper, 150  
Comptroller of the Treasury, 2,000  
Principal Clerk to do. 800  
Four clerks, at 500 dollars each, 2,000  
Treasurer, 2,000  
Principal Clerk to do. 600  
Auditor of the Treasury, 1,500  
Principal Clerk to do. 600  
Twelve Clerks to do. who, besides the current business under the New Government, has the settlement of the accounts which arose under the Confederation, in the quarter-master, commissary, clothing, hospital, and marine departments, and ordnance stores; and also the accounts of the secret and commercial committees of Congress, at 500 dollars each, 6,000  
Register of the Treasury, 1,250  
One Clerk on the books of the public creditors, called Funded Debt at the Treasury, transfers, &c. 500  
One Clerk in the office of the Register, employed in keeping the accounts of interest arising on the domestic debt, 500  
One do. on the principal books of the treasury, in journalizing and posting into the ledger, 500   25,850  
One Clerk in copying fair statements of the public accounts, and other transcripts as required from the treasury books, 500  
One do, in keeping the accounts of the registers, signed and sealed, &c. for ships transmitted to the collectors of the customs at the several ports; filing duplicates of registers issued by the collectors; keeping the accounts of the transfers of vessels, and other business of record, arising from Act for registering of vessels, regulating the coasting trade, and other purposes therein mentioned, 500  
Two do. on the old accounts of the treasury, and books and accounts of the thirteen late state commissioners, at five hundred dollars each, 1,000  
Messenger and office keeper to the comptroller, auditor and register’s office,  150   2,150  
Department of State
Secretary of that department, 3,500  
Chief Clerk, 800  
Three Clerks, at 500 dollars each, 1,500  
Messenger and office keeper,  150   5,950.  
Department of War
Secretary of that department, 3,000  
Chief Clerk, 600  
Two Clerks at five hundred dollars each, 1,000  
Messenger and office keeper  150   4,750.  
Government of the Western Territory
The Governor for his salary as such, and for discharging the duties of Superintendant of Indian affairs in the northern department, 2,000  
The Secretary of the Western Territory, 750  
The Three Judges, at eight hundred dollars each, 2,400   5,150  
Officers employed to settle the accounts between the United States and individual States.
Three Commissioners of the General Board, at two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars per annum, 6,750  
Chief Clerk, 600  
Four Clerks, at four hundred dollars each, 1,600  
Messenger and office keeper, 150  
Paymaster-General, and Commissioner of Army Accounts, 1,250  
Eight Clerks, at five hundred dollars each, 4,000  
One do. at four hundred dollars, 400  
One do. at four hundred and fifty dollars,  450   15,200  
Pensions Granted by the Late Government
Isaac Van Vert,
John Paulding,
David Williams,
} a pension of two hundred dollars per annum to each, pursuant to an act of Congress of 3d November 1780,
Dominique L’Eglise, per act of 8th of August, 1782, 120  
Joseph Traversie, per do 120  
Youngest children of the late Major-General Warren, per Act of 1st July, 1780, 450  
Eldest son of do. per act of 8th April, 1777, estimated at, 600  
Youngest son of General Mercer, per act of 8th April, 1777, estimated at, 700  
James M’Kenzie,
Joseph Brussells,
John Jordan,
} per act of 10th September, 1783, entitled to a pension of forty dollars each per annum,
Elizabeth Bergen, per act of 21st August, 1781, 53.33
Joseph De Beauleau, per act 5th August, 1782, 100  
Richard Gridley, per acts of 17th November, 1775, and 26th February, 1781, 444.40
Lieutenant-Colonel Touzard, per act of 27th October, 1778, 360.   3,667.73
For Incidental and Contingent Expences
Relative to the Civil List Establishment
Under this head are comprehended fire wood, stationary, together with printing work, and all other contingent expences for the two Houses of Congress; rent and office expences of the three several departments, viz. Treasury, State, War, and of the General Board of Commissioners, and Paymaster-General.
Congress, estimated at, 5,000  
Treasury Department, viz.
Rent, 500
Contingencies of the Secretary’s office, 500
Comptroller’s 400
Auditor’s 200
Register’s 200
Treasurer’s 200 2,000  
Ditto        War Department, 600  
Department of State, 500  
Board of Commissioners, 500  
Paymaster, and Commissioner of Army Accounts,    425    9,025  
Dollars,           254,892.73

This estimate corresponds with the existing provisions; but it will probably receive additions from others in the course of the session: In particular it will be observed, that there is no article respecting the salaries of Foreign Ministers, their allowances not having been regulated by law. Neither does the estimate include those objects which remain to be provided for in consequence of some deficiency in the estimate for the services of last year, and also from certain demands on the Treasury, founded on acts of the late Government, which require an appropriation by Congress, previous to their being discharged. These will form an estimate by themselves under the head of Contingencies.

Joseph Nourse, Register.

No. II

Estimate of Monies Requisite for the Department of War, for the Year 1790.

Dollars. Dols.   Cts. Dols.   Cts.
1 Brigadier General with the pay of Lieutenant Colonel Commandant for 12 months at 50 Dollars, 600  
2 Majors, 45 1,080  
7 Captains, 35 2,940  
7 Lieutenants, 30 2,520  
8 Ensigns, 20 1,920  
1 Pay master, 10 120  
1 Adjutant, 10 120  
1 Quarter Master, 10 120  
1 Surgeon, 45 540  
4 Surgeon’s Mates, 30 1,440  
28 Sergeants, 6 2,016  
28 Corporals, 5 1,680  
14 Musicians, 5 840  
490 Privates, 4 23,520   39,456.  
1 Major 12 Months, at 45 Dol. 540  
4 Captains, 35 1,680  
8 Lieutenants, 30 2,880  
1 Surgeon’s Mate, 30 360  
16 Serjeants, 6 1,152  
16 Corporals, 5 960  
8 Musicians, 5 480  
240 Matrosses, 4 11,520   19,572  
1 Brigadier General 12 Months at 48 Dol. 576  
3 Majors, 20 720  
11 Captains, 12 1,584  
23 Subalterns, 8 2,208  
1 Surgeon, 16 192  
5 Surgeon Mates, 8  480   5,760  
For 840 Non Commissioned Officers and Privates, one ration pr. day each for 365 days, is 306,600 rations at 12 cents pr. ditto, 36,792   101,580  
Clothing, 840, } 940 suits at 26 dollars each,
Contingencies,   100,
Quarter Master’s Department
Transportation. Including the transportation of the recruits to the frontiers, the removal of troops from one station to another, the transportation of clothing, ordnance, and military stores for the troops on the frontiers—the necessary removal of ordnance military stores—the hire of teams and pack horses—the purchase of tents, boats, axes, camp-kettles, boards, fire-wood, company books, stationary for the troops, and all other expences in the quarter-master’s department, 15,000  
Hospital Department
For medicines, instruments, furniture and stores for an hospital for the frontiers, also for attendance when necessary at West-Point, 1,000  
Ordnance Department
For salaries for the store keepers at the several deposits, viz.
West-Point, } 3 at 40 dollars pr. month,
Charleston, 1 Store keeper at 100 dols. pr. annum, 100  
2 Assistants, at 15 do. pr. month, 360  
1 Store keeper at Philadelphia, 500  
1 ditto,   —     Rhode-Island, 96  
1 ditto,   —     Lancaster, 96  
1 ditto,   —     Fort Harkemer,139 120  
His subsistence, 1 dollar pr. week, 52   172  
Rents of Buildings for Deposits
Philadelphia, 752.66
Virginia, 350  
West-Point, 400   1,502.66
Labourers at the several Deposits, 400  
8 Artificers at the posts on the frontiers, including armourers, at 5 dollars pr. month, 480  
Coopers, armourers, and carpenters employed occasionally at the several arsenals, 500  
The expence of materials and constructing twenty new carriages for cannon and howitzers, 2,000.   7,646.66
Buildings for arsenals and magazines are highly requisite in the southern and middle departments, for which particularly estimates will be formed.
Contingencies of the War Department, Viz.
For maps, hiring expresses, allowance to officers for extra expences, printing, loss of stores of all kinds, advertising and apprehending deserters, 3,000  
Contingencies for the War Office, Viz.
Office rent, wood, stationary, desks, book cases, sweeping, &c. 600  
Subsistence due the officers of Colonel Marinus Willet’s regiment in 1782, 786.6 
Pay due Lieutenant Joseph Wilcox, pay master to the regiment lately commanded by Col. David Humphreys, 315  
Pay subsistence and forage due the officers appointed by the State of Rhode-Island, under the act of Congress of the 20th October, 1786,   1,770     2,871. 6
Total Amount as above, 156,137.72 156,137.72
Deduct contingencies of the War Office, office rent, wood, stationary, desks, &c. as above, the same being included with the salaries in the civil list estimate,    600  
Dollars 155,537.72
Summary of the Foregoing
Pay of the troops, 59,028  
Subsistence of ditto, 42,552  
Clothing of ditto, 24,440  
Quarter masters department, 15,000  
Hospital department, 1,000  
Contingencies of the war department, 3,000  
Contingencies of the war office, 600  
Arrears of pay and subsistence unprovided for, 2,871. 6
Ordnance department,   7,646.66
Dollars, 156,137.72

Henry Knox, Secretary for the Department of War.


Estimate of the Annual Pensions of the Invalids of the United States, Viz. Taken from Returns in the War-Office, Dated as Follows:

Dols.   Cts. Dols.   Cts.
November 28, 1789, New-Hampshire, 3,024  
December 14, Massachusetts, 11,166  
December 1, Connecticut, 7,296  
December 31, New-York, 15,588  
February 2, New-Jersey, 4,357. 6
December 10, Pennsylvania, 16,506  
For 1787, Virginia,  9,276.66
Conjectural—No returns having been received.
  Suppose Rhode-Island and Delaware nearly equal to New-Hampshire, 3,170  
  Maryland nearly equal to Connecticut, 7,000  
  North-Carolina, South-Carolina and Georgia, nearly equal to New-Hampshire, Connecticut and Virginia, 19,596  
Dollars, 96,979.72

H. Knox, Secretary for the Department of War.

139Fort Herkimer (formerly Fort Dayton), on the Mohawk River near Herkimer, New York.

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