Alexander Hamilton Papers
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To Alexander Hamilton from William Constable, [21–31 October 1789]

From William Constable

[New York, October 21–31, 1789]1

Dear Sir.

Clarett imported in Bottles stands from 3/ to 5/. ⅌ Bottle as in quality—annexed you have Invo. 16 Hhds of French Wines from Bordeaux.

4 Hhds Palus2 Wines (Clarett) Vintage 1786 210.  
2   Margaux   1785 300.  
2   Cantenac   275.  
2   Medoc   250.  
2   White Barsac     200.  
2    “   Loupiac     135.  
2    “   Langn.3      105.  
Duty4 at 5.4s.5 ⅌ Tun of 4 Hhds 20.16 s.
Iron Hoops 64 Cooperage & Shiping 48 112. 0  132.16
Cost at Bordeaux 1607.16

with Chgs Com’n freight & Insurance from 3/. to 5/. ⅌ G’n

Yr. mo Humb Servt.   Wm. Constable

I never imported either Burgundy or Champaign.

ALS, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1This letter presumably is the one promised by Constable to H on October 20. The date has been assigned on that basis.

2I.e., La Palud, a French wine-producing region along the Gironde River, northwest of Bordeaux. This wine and those listed below came from the département of Gironde.

3I.e., Langon.

4In France at this time under the Traité de Charente an export duty was charged by many of the river ports. The ports on the Gironde River, one of which was Bordeaux, charged such a duty.


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