Alexander Hamilton Papers

Treasury Department Warrant No. 1, [13 September 1789]

Treasury Department Warrant No. 11

[New York, September 13, 1789]

To the President, Directors & Company of the Bank of New York.2

Pay to Samuel Meredith Treasurer of the United States, or Order, the Sum of Twenty thousand Dollars; being the Amount of a Loan agreed to be made by the said Bank to the Secretary at War, in pursuance of an Appropriation made by an Act of Congress of the twentieth day of August 1789:3 for which this shall be your Warrant.

Given under my Hand and
the Seal of the Treasury on the
thirteenth day of September 1789

Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of the Treasury

Countersigned by
Ns. Eveleigh Comptr.4

DS, Bank of New York, New York City.

1During H’s tenure as Secretary of the Treasury, he signed countless warrants. As they are of only routine interest, they are not included in these volumes. “Warrant No. 1” has been printed as an example.

2Isaac Roosevelt was president of the bank at this time. The board of directors consisted of Samuel Franklin, William Maxwell, Robert Bowne, Nicholas Low, Comfort Sands, Daniel McCormick, Joshua Waddington, Thomas Randall, Thomas Stoughton, William Constable, William Edgar, and John Murray.

3“An Act providing for the Expenses which may attend Negotiations or Treaties with the Indian Tribes, and the appointment of Commissioners for managing the same” (1 Stat. description begins The Public Statutes at Large of the United States of America (Boston, 1845). description ends 54).

4In the margin of the warrant the following was written:

Dollars 20.000
Enterd in the Registers
No. 1 Office this 13 day of
Septemr. 1789.
Joseph Nourse Regr.

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