Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from John Chaloner, [1788]

From John Chaloner

[Philadelphia, 1788.]1 Discusses proposals for the settlement of John Holker’s2 “protested Bills the property of Mr. Church—3 amt—£1500 Stg.”

LC, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

1This letter concerns the complicated affairs of Daniel Parker and Company in which both John Holker and John B. Church were involved. As the negotiations and litigations for the settlement of Parker’s business affairs continued throughout the seventeen-eighties, it is not possible to date this letter precisely. This letter could also have been written on October 20, 1788 (see reference to the unfound letter from Chaloner on that date).

2Holker had been French consul in Philadelphia and agent for supplying the French navy from 1778 to 1780. He subsequently was associated with the firm of Daniel Parker and Company.

3John B. Church.

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