Alexander Hamilton Papers

New York Ratifying Convention. Motion, [21 July 1788]

New York Ratifying Convention. Motion1

[Poughkeepsie, New York, July 21, 1788]

That Mr. Hamilton Moved that the Clause last read2 should be expunged, and the following substituted in its Stead vizt: “That no Appropriation of Money in time of Peace for the Support of an Army shall be by Less than two thirds of the Representatives and Senators present.”3

John McKesson MS Notes, New-York Historical Society, New York City.

1The motion is printed in McKesson, “Journal of the Proceedings,” description begins “Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention of the State of NewYork. Held at the Town of Poughkeepsie County of Dutchess and Commencing on Tuesday the 17th day of June 1788” (MS, New York State Library, Albany). description ends 48–49, New York State Library, Albany.

Having considered all the conditional and explanatory amendments, the New York Convention on July 21, 1788, turned to the recommendatory amendments. John Lansing, Jr., the author of these amendments, provided the following introduction for them:

“And the Convention do in the Name & Behalf of the people of the State of New York enjoin it upon their Representatives in Congress to exert all their Influence & use all reasonable Means to obtain a Ratification of the following Amendments to the said Constitution in the Manner prescribed therein & in all Laws to be passed by Congress in the mean Time to conform to the spirit of the said Amendments as far as the Constitution will admit.” (John McKesson Papers, New-York Historical Society.)

2The amendment “last read” was as follows:

“That no standing Army or regular Troops shall be raised or kept up in Time of Peace without the Consent of two thirds of the Senators & Representatives present in each House.” (John McKesson Papers, New-York Historical Society.)

3H’s motion was defeated by a vote of 38 to 14.

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