Alexander Hamilton Papers

Report of a Committee of the Trustees of Columbia College, 2 March 1788

Report of a
Committee of the Trustees of Columbia College

New York, March 2, 1788. As members of a committee of the trustees of Columbia College, Hamilton and Brockholst Livingston reported on a “letter of the Reverend Mr. Benjamin Moore1 of the 13th Decembr. Ulto: respecting a demand made on him by Mr. Leonard Lispenard2 for the rent of a house occupied by Mr. Moore during part of the late war.” Hamilton and Livingston reported “that there exists no just claim upon this Corporation for the rent of the said house while in the occupation of Mr. Moore.”

D, signed by H and Brockholst Livingston, Columbia University Libraries.

1The Reverend Dr. Benjamin Moore—after the flight, in 1775, of Myles Cooper the Loyalist president of King’s College—was made president pro tempore and retained the title until 1784.

2Lispenard, prominent New York merchant and landholder, had been treasurer of King’s College during the American Revolution.

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