Alexander Hamilton Papers

New York Assembly. Report on the Petition of Isaac Gouverneur, Junior, [14 February 1787]

New York Assembly. Report on the
Petition of Isaac Gouverneur, Junior1

[New York, February 14, 1787]

Mr. Hamilton, from the Committee to whom was referred the petition of Isaac Gouverneur, junior, praying a divorce, reported, that it is the opinion of the Committee, that some general provision ought to be made for granting relief in cases of Adultry; that the Committee have prepared the draft of a bill for that purpose, and have directed him to move for leave to bring in the same.

Ordered, That leave be given accordingly.

Mr. Hamilton, according to leave brought in the said bill entitled, An act directing a mode of Trial, and allowing of Divorces in cases of Adultry; which was read the first time, and ordered a second reading.2

New York Assembly Journal description begins Journal of the Assembly of the State of New York (Publisher and place vary, 1782–1788). description ends , 1787, 48.

1On January 22, a petition from Isaac Gouverneur, Jr., son of the prominent New York merchant, praying a divorce was read and referred to a committee of which H was chairman.

2The act introduced by H was passed on March 30. See “AN ACT directing a mode of trial, and allowing of divorces in cases of adultery.” Laws of the State of New York, I description begins Laws of the State of New York Passed at the Sessions of the Legislature Held in the Years 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, 1782, 1783 and 1784 Inclusive, being the First Seven Sessions (Albany, 1886). description ends I, 494–95.

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