Alexander Hamilton Papers

New York Assembly. Remarks on the Petition of Catharine Livingston, [13 February 1787]

New York Assembly. Remarks on the
Petition of Catharine Livingston

[New York, February 13, 1787]

The committee on Catharine Livingston’s petition, reported, that the state ought to receive their debt from her in loan-office certificates.1

Mr. Hamilton did not approve of extending partial relief, many others might be in similar circumstances, and he wished the bill to be brought in on general principles, as by this means, the house would avoid being troubled with repeated particular applications.

The New-York Journal, and Weekly Register, February 22, 1787.

1The New York Assembly Journal description begins Journal of the Assembly of the State of New York (Publisher and place vary, 1782–1788). description ends records neither the receipt of a petition from Catharine Livingston nor a debate on it. The New-York Journal may have mistakenly identified the petitioner as Catharine Livingston, for on the same day H, as chairman of a committee, delivered a report on a petition from Margaret Livingston.

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