Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: To Thomas Tillotson, [10 November 1782]

List of Papers Delivered to Thomas Tillotson

[Albany, November 10, 1782]

List of Papers delivered by Alexander Hamilton to Thomas Tillotson Esquire relative to the office of Receiver of Taxes for the state of New York.

No. 1 General instructions from the Superintendant of Finance to the Receivers dated February 12th. 1782
2 Letter from do. to Alexander Hamilton inclosing warrant on the Treasury for the amount of the 1st quarterly payment of the Quota of this state, with the receipts indorsed thereon to the 5th. of November inclusive letter dated April 15th. 1782
3 farther instructions from the Superintendant to Alexander Hamilton dated as above.6
4 farther instructions dated May 15th 1782
5. Circular letter from the Superintendant to the Receivers dated July 12th. 1782 containing one to the respective states dated 25th. of July 1781.
6. do. do. dated 19th of July 1782
7. do. do… dated August 29th. 1782
8. Copy of a letter from the Superintendant to His Excellency the Governor dated December 11th 17817
9 do. of do. to the Qr. Master General respecting forage dated Augt. 5. 17828
10– from the Superintendant to the Receivers dated 12th. of September 1782 with sundry inclosures referred to therein.
11 Two circular letters from do. to do. inclosing a set of resolution of Congress of the 1st of October 82, the letters dated the 5th.
12 Circular letter from do. to do.9
13 letter from Mr Banker state Treasurer dated August 5th. 1782 informing of what was to be expected from the state.10

Tho: Tillotson
Receiver for New-York11

5AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

6Only one letter of April 15, 1782, to H from Morris has been found.

7See Morris to the Governor of the State of New York, December 11, 1781 (Robert Morris Papers, Library of Congress).

9Since this item is undated it is impossible to identify it.

10Letter not found.

11The words, “Tho: Tillotson Receiver for New-York” are not in H’s handwriting.

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