Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: To Robert Morris, [13 August 1782]

Expences of our internal Government

To the Governor for salary £ 1600
To the Chancellor do 400
To the Secretary of State & Clerks about 300
To the Attorney General by estimation 100
To the Chief Justice salary 400
  Puisne Justices each 350£ do 700
  for travelling expences by estimation 40 days 100
  in the year at 12/ per day each
  Auditor 300
  Aide De Camp to the Governor Lt. Col Pay & rations 360
  Occasional do. at the same rate
Delegates to Congress 34/ pr day while attending and 6 days going and coming abt 1500
Treasurer Salary 300
Members of Legislature 8/ per day, upon an average [– –] members for 88 days
   ⟨including coming &c.⟩;
two Clerks of do. each 20/ a day for 72 days 144
     time actually together
two Door Keepers each 10/ pr day do 72
Printer for printing laws &c. about 300
      Incidental expences
To the poor annually about 500  
To the Indians do 600  
⟨charges⟩; of Militia expresses occasional officers & other
   occasional demands allowd
6088   3500
Regtr say £ 12000
£ 1500034

Transmitted a copy of the above to Mr. Morris

33AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

34There is an error in this column for the figures in it do not total £15,000.

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