Alexander Hamilton Papers
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Cash Book, [1 March 1782–1791]

Cash Book1

[March 1, 1782–1791]2

Dr. Pierre Van Cortlandt3 Cr.
To this sum due for the Clerkship of his son P. V. Cortlandt commenced 150    
Dr. Jacob LeRoy & Sons4 Cr.
1784 To this sum due for the Clerkship of his son Jas. LeRoy commenced this day 150     this sum given up as Mr. LeRoy did not continue his Clerkship 150    
May To opinion given in the case of Kelly & Lot 1.10.0 
further advice & consuls 3.     Ballance due A Hamilton  12. 8  
Opinion on Question respecting renouncing Administration in favour of Mr I Labanel 1.10.0 
Costs in the cause of Egb. Benson Administrator &c. v. Laffers    6.18  
Aug 4 Ballance of Acco. rendered this day £12.18    By Cash £12. 8  
1786 1786
Feby 6. To advice at different times consultations &c in the affairs of Broome & Plat 10.     Decr. 5 Received Cash £10    
Dr. Abraham Ten Brook5 Cr.
1784 1784
Febru To this sum due for the Clerkship of his son Dirk Ten Brook commenced this day 150     Oct. 11 By Cash 150    
Dr. Isaac Sears6 Cr.
1783 1784
To advice &c. in the affair of Mr. Soderstrom 3. 4   1786 By Cash £3. 4  
To advice to M[ess]rs. Smith & Sears concerning attachment of Soderstroms effects. Quare Aug 26 By Cash 7.10  
To opinion concerning bills of Exchange ⟨in-⟩ dorsed by Sears & Smith 1.10   Aug. 26. This day settled all accounts of Sears & Smith & Isaac Sears
Aug 30 Retainer in a cause expected to be commenced by Soderstrom against Sears & Smith and advice therein at different times   6.      10.14  
£10.14   £10.14  
Dr. Daniel Parker7 Cr.
1783 1784
Decr. To appearance for Capt Smith at his instance before the council  £6.8    March 11 Received  £6.8   
Dr. Philip Van Renselaaer8 Cr.
To this sum paid you by Mr. Robinson on my account By rent of your house for months
Dr. Manor of Renselaarwyck or Stephen Van Rensselaer9 Cr.
Sept. 29 To an opinion given the executors this day £3. 4  
1785 drawing a memorial to the Legislature 1.10  
April drawing act of Legislature Notice &c. 3. 4   By Cash of Leonard
Gansevoort I believe
June 16 paid for exemplification of act 1.12  
June By ditto paid Mrs. Hamilton 100    
March 16 drawing a bill to confirm agreement made with other devisers &c. 3. 4  
Nov 23 To paid Bill Hair dresser for yr. acct. 0.12  
October paid Francis J’ans for sundries ⅌ acct. 4. 6.4 
Nov 8 paid McClean & Co. for advertising notice upon application to Legisl: 4.10  
Feby. 9 paid Morgan Lewis upon yr. Note 323. 5.6 
Dr. Alexander McCauley10 Cr.
Feby. 26. To advice respecting two Mortgages  £3. 4   Received  £3. 4  
1786 1786
May To this sum discounted upon your order upon Gardner Wilson & Co 384.10.4  May 20 By this sum liquidated with Assignees of Heart 768. 5.9 
To a note in my hands from Assignees of Heart payable first August next  384. 2.10 Aug 1 By this sum received
of Assignees of Heart
for amt. of Note per
debit side
384. 2.10
To paid for Reg. Mortgage drawing assignment articles of Ag. & Counterpart 4     Inquire about the amount of Note to Gardner Wilson & Co. discounted
postage for letters To this sum for my trouble in negotiating the matter 10    
Aug. 1 To this sum lost on weighing the money in the bank 0. 9.11
    4 To this sum paid ye draft in fav William Gillies & Co 132. 7.3 
Ballance carried to Fol 47  286.12.3 
£1152. 8.7  1152. 8.7 
Dr. John Laurence11 Cr.
1784 To this sum paid him in full ⅌ Receipt settled 1784 By this sum borrowed of him for which he has my note
1786 1787
To this sum lent you £100     May By this sum received upon your note discounted at the bank 99    
Dr. The United States Cr.
March 1 To ballance of Account as per certificate dated this day bearing interest at six per Cent from the 4th of the same month. £1128     By this sum received of Mr. Morris (being so much left in my hands out of taxes received about £80
Dr. John Carter alias Church12 Cr.
1783 By this sum borrowed at Philadelphia 48.    
June 19

To this sum paid Cornelia De Peyster in part of the purchase money of a lot in broadway
596      1784 By this sum received of the bank on his account by the hands of John Chaloner £1320 P. Cy. 1408    
25 To ditto ditto 240. 4   June 18 By this sum received of the bank being for a bill of Exchange sent me on his account by John Chaloner drawn on James and Alex Stewart & discountd 597.12  
Aug 25 This sum paid Ths. Smith on account of Mrs. De Peyster 500     
October 13 Cash paid Mrs. De Peyster the ballance of the purchase money of the lot in broadway with interest 1502.10.8  J    24 By this sum received on a draft of James Bowne on John Delafield 373 dolls. 149. 4  
To John Chaloner for this sum remaining in his hands to be carried to your Credit  834. 8    By this sum received of William Bowne for Js. Bownes draft on him 30.    
3673. 2.8 
Ballance due J Church 715. 4.5  Aug 16 By this sum received of Capt Geddes for Thomas Irvins draft on him 25. 0.5 
By this sum received for a draft sent me by Mr. Chaloner on James Buchanon & Co. 400    
By this sum received of Rand. son & Stewarts for bill sent by Mr. Chaloner 300    
By my draft on J Chaloner in favour of Daniel McCormick 382.16  
Oct 13
By my draft on J Chaloner for 1000    
June 1 Amots. of Interest on sums had for my own use to this day   57. 1  
 4388. 7.1  4398. 7.1 
Aug 3d To Cash paid you £57.10   1785
June 1
Ballance brought down 715. 4.5 
Feby 1 To cash remitted by the Roebuck Packet 782.10.8  July 7 By this sum recd. of Wm. Floyed  57.10  
paid freight of ditto 8     772.14.5 
April 8 To cash paid Constable Rucker & Co. for a bill of Exchange remitted ⅌ Packet for £400 Sterling 753.15.6  1786
By this sum received by the hands of Jeremiah Wadsworth for your last half yry. div: 720    
June 9 To this sum remitted by Tankerville Packet 1057.17.8  By this sum received of Bank of N York 72    
July 8 To this sum remitted by Carteret Packet & freight paid here 1000      March 9 By this sum received of Isaac Moses & Co 1217.11.7
To ballance carried forward to Fol 46 2355.11.11 May 3 By dividend N Y B 72.    
June 8 By amt. of Stock passed to my Credit 2400    
By this sum received on 2 dividend of I. Moses & Co.  760.19.9 
 £6015. 5.9  6015. 5.9 
Dr. John Chaloner13 Cr.
1784 Pensylvania Currency 1784 Pensylvania Curr
Feby. 26 To this sum received of the bank of NA by my order for a half years dividend on J. Carters dividend £1320     Octr. 24 By my draft in favour of Jno. Mayly 46.17.6 
Jany 7 By this sum paid for
repairing my carriage
Jany 13 By this sum paid for postage 2.6 
Feby 5. By my draft in favour of Mr. Vickar 187.10  
     10 By do. in favr. Mr N. Hoffman 114.16. 5
     12 postage of letters 3.10
     13 paid Philip Thompson on my account 34.13.9 
Cash pd. postage of a letter    1   
Ballance due as per account received 28th Feby. 1784  932. 5  
1784 1784
Feby 28 To ballance of Accot. received this day £932.5    April By my draft in favour of Haym Solomon 150    
By J Church for this sum to be carried to his credit 782. 5  
1786 By Cash 400    
Nov 17 To ballance of J B Churchs last half yearly dividend 400    
Dr. Jeremiah Wadsworth14 Cr.
1786 1782
Sept. 26. To Cash paid N Hubbard per his receipt in bundle Receipts indorsed on my Note £130—   By this sum borrowed of him for which he has my note of hand £106.13.4 
Interest thereon to Sepr. 26. 86   23. 6.8
Dr. Hercules Mulligan15 Cr.
1784 Cash 12.16   1784
To Cash paid Mr. Mulligan 20 Guineas 37. 6.8  April By amount of his account rendered this day 82.15  
Aug 27 Cash 32.12.4 
October 13 Cash by a Check on the bank 30.    
Cash lent 10     
Dr. State of New York—Contra Cr.
1784 1784
To this sum lost in 76 by the desertion from the company; by which stoppage became impossible as ⅌ Memorandum book No. 3 65.10   By ballance of account for sundries furnished my company of Artillery which was to have been deducted out of their pay
To this sum paid Mr. Thompson Taylor by Mr Chaloner on my accot for making Cloaths for the said company 34.13.9 
March 9 To ballance of Alsop Hunt and James Hunts account for leather Breeches supplied the company ⅌ Rects. 6. 8.7 
Sepr. 26 To amount of my expences to Baltimore as Commissioner 76.18   By Cash £76.18  
Jany. Advanced door keeper of the Assembly for wood. 20    
To amount of expences to & at Philadelphia I believed paid
To amount of Acct. NY v Massachusetts 112    
To my wages as delegate from 21st February when I commenced with Gansevort to 5th May when he left the City
Deduct omissions from May 26 when sworn in with Yates to 14 June when went to Convention from 30 July when returned to Congress to Oct 2d when removed
From October 4th. when attended at New House to 16 when closed for want of Congress
Dr. James Rivington16 Cr.
1784 1784
May 1 To Cash paid this day £186.13.4  March 1 By amount of sundries as ⅌ account £322.7.4 
To appearance as Council on two indictments 12.16  
Feby 23 To Cash 100.     Feby 20 By sundries ⅌ acct. rendered this day 62.1  
Aug To ditto    80.     settled ⅌ Rect. in full        
Dr. Bank of New York Cr.
1784 1784
May 1 To this sum paid Mr. Maxwell in part of a house purchased on account of the bank £150     Aug. 16 By this sum paid to my order £40    
    25 Check in favour of Thomas Smith 500    
To this sum paid the Cashier being balance of subscription first moi. 150         27 Check in favour of James Barkley 84. 8  
    27 Check in favour of Mr. Mulligan 32. 8  
To this sum received of James Buchanon & Co. for a bill of Exchange 400     do Mr. Clapper 525.18  
Check in favour of Fred. Jay 96    
Aug 15 To Received of Randall son & Stewards 300     Oct. 13 By Check in favr. Mr. Mulligan 30    
ditto By draft in favour Mrs. DePeyster 1502. 8  
Sepr. 2 received of Daniel McCormick 382.16   Nov. 7 ditto in favour of James Barkeley 50.    
do 13 To Cash 525.18  
    25 To ditto 181.14.   do. in fav of Pierre v.
Oct 13 To Cash. 400 dolls. 160     Cortlandt 40.    
To Check from Solomon & Mordecai 1000    
Dollars Dollars
Aug 6 To ballance due me this day To Cash 625     By Check in favour of Wm. Backhouse 1250    
Aug 31 To Cash for ballance due me this day 850 68/96
Dr. John Marston & Brother17 Cr.
June 1 To drawing a bond and Mortgage from v. Elseworth £3. 4   June 23 By Cash received of Elseworth £3.4
Feby. To opinion given this day respecting a conveyance to be made by Millner 1.10  
To consultation with Doctr. Johnson and opinion thereon respecting his fathers will 3. 4  
Feby 23 drawing power lease & release 4.    
Jun 29 drawing Notice on Mortg. & three copies fol 10 1.17.6 
1788 Octr. To paid Samuel Loudon for advertising sale of mortgaged premisses   10.     November 13 88   Account rendered
Dr. Paschal Smith18 Cr.
1784 1785
July 16 To advice concerning ing the will of John Aspinwall £1.10   Jany 21 Received Cash £23    
     S Drawing notice on a Mortgage and advice concerning Wm. Smiths estate 2. 6  
     S opinion concerning Nuncupative will of Win. Smith 1.10  
     S Drawing 6 leases & releases for father & brothers estate at £3.4 each 19. 4  
March 19 Advice concerning a policy of Insurance of Aspinwalls 1.10  
Aug 9 drawing a release from Henry Smith to him as Administrator of his fathers estate 2.     November Account rendered
due £16.12
By Cash
Feby. 6 Draft of a law for Trustees of Aspinwall 3. 4  
May 10 Opinion concerning do. 1.10  
advice &c in affair between Executors of Aspinwall & Franks 3. 4  
Advice concerning Part: concerns of Sears & Smith & concerning house erected on Mr. Smiths Lot 3. 4  
Costs in suit as Ads to Wm. Smith v Buffet   0.10  
Nov 17 To advice concerning a bond of Phil v Home power of Atty &c. 0.10  
Dr. William Duer19 Cr.
1784 1786
Aug 14 To cash lent 4 half Johs. 47 Guineas sent him by Mr. Ten Broeck May By Cash £100    
amt. as ⅌ his note to £100             
1786 1786
Aug 5. To Cash lent. 223 dolls.    89.4   Nov. 1 By Cash  £89.4   
Dr. House Expences Cr.
Aug 15th To this sum delivered Mrs. Hamilton 18.13.4 
Dr. James Barkely20 Cr.
1784 By sundries as per account 70.16  
Aug. 24 To Cash paid poor tax laid on the house 3.15  
To Cash in full 67. 1  
Novem 7 To Cash as ⅌ Receipt in Receipt book  50.     Nov 1— By 1 Qrs. Rent due this day 50    
May 1: By 2 quarters rent 100    
January 8 To Cash paid house tax for poor 18. 9
June 17 To Cash paid J R Meyer upon an order from J Barkely accepted 100    
To Cash as per Check on the Bank for 211 Dollars Dated 30 Aug. 84 omitted qr. the Account 84. 8  
1786 July 13 To Cash pd. J R Meyers pursuant to award 126. 0.10
Amt. of your order in favour of Richard Platt dated 22 Sepr 85 omitted 239. 7  
Ditto dated 27 Sep. 85 omitted 60.13  
Dr. Leonard Cutting21 Cr.
1784 1785
Nov To Cash lent £20     March 10. Your half of 16/ received of J Mellores for drawing releases 0. 8  
April To ditto 42.11.6 
July 7 To ditto received by him 4.17.3 
Nov. 14 To paid for a Cask of Porter 6. 6  
1786 this sum advanced you 8.    
March 22 Cash advanced you 16.    
Dr. Philip Schuyler22 Cr.
1784 To paid Fred: Jay’s accot 22.11.6  April 14 By cash received of Israel Underhill for rent £14    
To paid Philandr Brasier for carpeting 21.    
To paid Guion & Carty for sugar &c 23.10.3 
Jan 17 To paid H mulligans acct. 21.19.10
Feby. 23 To James Rivington for a set silver salts charged to me 11. 4  
March 5 To Cash lent Johnny 3. 5.6 
     17 ditto ⅌ Sums Book 8.16  
June 6 To Cash paid John Rounsawell for a horse he had of him 7.12  
June 7 To Cash paid J Minshutts draft on you in fav of Alex Leckie 19.14.4½
To paid Js. Bell Hair dresser to John Schuyler paid April 16 4. 5.4 
July 20 To paid Timothy Wood for Boots &c furnished to John ⅌ Rect. 3. 8  
Aug 30 To paid Nichols. Hoffman for 5 barrels of cider had Nov. 16, 84 5    
To paid Ritson & Bayard per accot. & Receipt omitted 9. 8.2 
Oct 1 To paid Walter Becker for a Hat for Philip 2    
Decr. To paid Vanderbilt his accot. for shoes furnished himself & son 3.17  
Jany 4 To paid for book for Phillip 1.    
   27 To paid Chs. Robertson for John & Philip 4.10.10
Jany 31 To deliverd Phillip for wood at College 13. 6
May 22 paid Barnes & Livingston for some China had sometime since 1.12  
Cash advanced Mrs. Schuyler .16  
June 16 gave Philip to purchase Livy’s Ritteston 2.    
paid his Tutor for private Tuition (James Hardie) 1.17.4 
To paid a Gardiner his expences to Albany Oct 29 past 1. 0.0 
Augt. 3 To Cash pd. Rot. Harpur for Copy of Poll lists 10. 0.0 
26 To Cash advanced Philip to pay for Euclids elements 0.18.8 
To paid Remsen for deed to Skidmore 2.16  
To advanced Philip £3
To this sum advanced Phillip by Mr De Heart to purchase a Geo: book 0.14.6 
Dr. Robert Watts23 Cr.
To draft of deeds to Mr. Stephen Schuyler for Mr. Kennedy & wife pd. Decr. 12. By Cash £3.4   
Mr. Popham  3.4          
Dr. Corporation of Albany Cr.
October To my services Retainer attendance on hearing &c. in a cause before the Commissioners of the land office 15.    
Dr. Malachi Treat24 Cr.
1784 1785
To a negro wench Peggy sold him £90     By his account for care and medicines of the wench 10    
By this sum received of Mr. Lowe 70    
Dr. Leonard Laurence25 Cr.
1785 1785
July To Cash paid this day £24.0.7  Aug By this sum received of John Hunt 24.0.7 
Dr. George Harris26 Cr.
1785 1785
July 23 To Cash paid ⅌ Rect. £25.18.4  June 17 By this sum received
of Mary Harris Executrix
of Js. Harris
Decr. 3 To ditto  6. 7.5 
April 8 To Cash by a Check upon the bank £34. 2.7  Decr. 23. By Cash received in full for bond against Thomas & Fowler £34. 2.7 
To amt. of Costs in your suit agt. John Hawkins 10.13.9  By John Ths. Sheriff per amt. of judgment against Treadwell received by him but not paid 153. 7.2 
To do. in yr. suit agt.
S. Treadwell
9.10.3  I presume this has been settled
Aug 28. 1797
Dr. Augustus V Cortlandt27 Cr.
1785 1785
July 22d. Cash paid ⅌ Receipt £383.18.7  June 6 By this sum received of Nicholas Jones £383.18.7 
To draft of two deeds for Executors of Chambers one to Crommelin the other to Laurence £6. 8   Received £6. 8  
Dr. Aaron Burr28 Cr.
1785 1785
To one half the Tavern expence of a reference between Ducher & Vacher paid Simmons 1.15.3 
Dr. Johannes Hardenbergh29 Cr.
1785 1785
June 25 To Cash paid Secretary for extracts of records 1.1.3  Sep 1. By Cash received £46.1.3 
July To 9 days absence to try your cause at £5 per day 45            
Dr. Havens30 Cr.
Nov 20. To opinion in writing on two cases stated £3.4   
Dr. John P. Waldrom31 Cr.
Retainers in suits against ten persons at £1.10 each 15    
Dr. Frederick Jay32 Cr.
July 26. To drawing an assignment pursuant to a writ for a waterlot £5    
Dr. James Price33 Cr.
1785 1785
July 28 To advice concerning several matters £3. 4   By Cash received as a fee 15 Guineas £28    
To extra retainers in three Defendant causes 3 Guineas 5.12  
Dr. John Hewlet34 Cr.
July 21 To advice concerning a will of Townshend £1.17.4 
Feby. 1. Opinion on case with Birdsall 1.10  
Dr. George Powers35 Cr.
Jany 5 drawing notice of sale of mortgaged premises £1.10   By Cash received £1.10  
Dr. Robert Bonne36 Cr.
drawing a petition &c. respecting rents due to persons for houses within the British lines £1.10  
Dr. Assignees of John DeWindt Junr.37 Cr.
drawing a petition and bill to be passed into a law £3    
May 6 Advice 1.10  
June 17 Advice and drawing notice to Creds. 2.    
Dr. Phillip Kissick38 Cr.
1785 1785
June To advice concerning a mortgage £3. 0   Nov 29 By Cash £11.10  
Aug 5 Amount of Costs in suit of J. Leake ⅌ acct. rendered 3.11  
ditto in suit of V Kuren & Braisser 3. 9.3 
Dr. Nicholas Lowe39 Cr.
drawing an Assignment from Soderstrom to you £2    
Decr. 11. Advice concerning a power of Attorney to Laurin 1.10  
Advice concerning Israels affair 1.10  
advice & appearance in Admiralty cause
Dr. Goadsby40 Cr.
To opinion concerning attachmt. £1.10   By Cash received in full £7.18  
To appearance as Council before the Assembly  6. 8           
Dr. Effingham Laurence41 Cr.
Aug 22 To advice concerning Bernes affair, inspection of deeds &c. 3.4   
Dr. John Murray42 Cr.
Advice concerning an offer of Paris to pay in certificates £1.10  
Nov. 30 Advice concerning the propriety of suing a person in whose hands goods were attached 1.10  
1786 Aug 5 Appearance at Quarter session in the affair of the Coppias 1.10  
1788 May 4. Opinion concerning Lord Hollands estate 2.    
Dr. Isaac Moses & Moses Meyers43 Cr.
Aug 2. Advice concerning a Brigantine conveyed to Mr. Ludlow 1.10 
Dr. Trustees of Isaac Moses44 Cr.
Nov. 25 for drawing assignment £10.     May 17 By cash received
of   Henry
£15. 9.  
actually paid for engrossing do 1.    
Drawing release of Dower 2.    
actually paid for engrossing it 0. 8  
1786 paid for Copy of Assignment for Trustees in Holland 0.13.4 
March 9 paid Remsen for four deeds of the real estate of Isaac Moses per his account settled this day 12.16.  
paid for a second copy of Assignment & notary for certifying
July To Cash paid Moses Meyers 15. 9.  
October To paid Sam Loudon for advertising notice to Creditors 1.18  
paid Do. for advertising sale of houses & lots 2.14  
Dr. Samuel Fraunces45 Cr.
1786 1785
To Cash paid Judah £24.12   Decr. 18 By Cash received of Executors of Gifford 24.12  
March 12. To Cash lent 1.17.4 
Dr. Laurance and Morris46 Cr.
Jany 6. To this sum lent £200.     By your note for 200 discounted at bank–Dis 198.14.4 
March 24. To my fee for trying your cause Majorel 5.    
Dr. Gaspard Joseph Amand Ducher47 Cr.
1786 1786
May 10 paid postage of a letter under cover to me to Mr. Sabatier De Catres £0.12.0  Jany 4 by this sum borrowed of him for which he has my bond £600    
June 3d. paid postage     1.2 
settled & paid  0.13.2 
Sepr 24 By interest on ditto to the fourth of May 1788   98    
For this sum he has two bonds which are duplicates of each other of this date payable the 4th of May Qr. what year
Dr. John Cortlandt Schuyler48 Cr.
Jany 28 To this sum paid Kelly upon his Note £70. 2  
Aug 30 To paid Mr. Harpur for copy of records 0.16  
17 March To paid E Basset amt. of Jud agt. you 100. 3. 5 
July 28
Interest on the first & last sum to this day at 7 ⅌ Ct    9.17.10 
£180.19. 3 
cash        9 
for which sum I have his bond and mortgage £181    
Dr. The Agents of the Proprietors of Waway49 Cr.
March 22d To Account for advice & services rendered this day attending a month at Chester and divers attendance at New York £150    
Dr. Dirk Tenbroeck50 Cr.
1786 1786
March 22. To Cash lent £16.16   March 26. By Cash £16.16  
Dr. Baron de Polnitz51 Cr.
May 29. To Cash paid a Plumber for work done to the house in the outward per Rect. Peter Newman £9. 4.3  By error £6    
By Cash in full 231.16.4 
July 28 To the sum advanced his daughter Wilhelmina for her maintenance 50.    
Aug. 26 To ditto      ditto 18.    
Febr. 7 To Cash paid Abigail Beach for board of his sons ⅌ Rect. Js. Akins 13    
     19 To Cash paid Miss W Polnitz 20    
Nov 16 To Cash paid Musick Master 4.10  
    21 To Cash paid Abigail Beach for boarding your two sons ⅌ J Akins Rec 13    
Decr. 4 To Cash paid Miss Polnitz 16    
     13 To cash paid Mrs. Seton for 1 Quarters board due the 4th instant 10    
Jany. To do. paid do. 1 Quarters board due 4th March 20    
Febru 2 to paid Abigail Beach for board of two sons to Jany 29 14    
      16 To paid Mrs. Seton for the ensuing quarters board of Miss Polnitz 15    
March 4 To paid do. for To cash paid Miss Polnitz the 18 of January omitted 8    
      22 To paid F. Childs for advertising your house 1. 4  
March 27 To cash paid taxes of house 9.11.8 
April 3 To cash paid Miss Polnitz 8    
Interest on ditto              
Dr. Rodman Field52 Cr.
Aug 16 To advice at different times concerning a deed of gift £3.    
Dr. Robert Lenox53 Cr.
Aug. 18 To advice concerning a certain Note £1.10  
Decr. 12. To advice in writing concerning bill of Exchange of Millers & Co. 3. 4  
Dr. Henry A. Williams54 Cr.
Aug 18 For drawing advertisement of a sale upon a Mortgage of Skencks £1.10  
   [24 To Cash pd. S. Loudon for advertising the same for sale .12  
To Ditto for Contg. Ditto 39 times (as per his acct. rendered) 7.16]55
Dr. John Delafield56 Cr.
Aug 26. To Cash paid S Jones at your Request 1.17.4  Memo: I am not certain but this is paid. Mr. Delafield can ascertain it.
To advice concerning Hardits Affair 1.17.4 
drawing general release 0.10  
Dr. Stephen Delancey57 Cr.
Aug 30 To Cash paid Mr. Harpur for searching for Original deed in his cause against Delavan 0. 4.6 
To dead charge on the circuit in West
Chester to try your cause being a critical cause & having succeeded 20.    
Dr. Shaw—Physician58 Cr.
Aug 30 To advice concerning Eagles bond 1.10  
Dr. Kilian Van Rensselaar59 Cr.
Sepr. 23. To Cash lent £4.10   By Cash £4.10  
Dr. Family of Hoffmans60 Cr.
1785 1786
Octr 12 To attendance on the trial of Jacob Moore By Cash received £100    
Adsm R R Livingston at the Camp 75.0.0  By ballance believed to have been satisfied  75    
To attendance on hearing before the Arbitrators 75.    
Attendance on different consultations  25.    
Dr. David R. Floyed61 Cr.
Octr. 29 drawing a bill to be passed into a law respecting an estate in which he is a Remainder man 3.4   
Dr. Haydock & Warr62 Cr.
1785 1786
Nov. 15 advice concerning dispute with Thomas Franklin 1.10   Nov. 23 By Cash £6.10  
1786 advice at two different times concerning duties of a vessel 3.    
March 12 drawing Petition to Legislature concerning do  2.    
Dr. Egbert Benson63 Cr.
1785 1786
Nov. 14 To this sum received by him of the Trustees of Esopus as a Retainer 5.     By Cash £5.    
Ap 29 To paid Childs for publishing a Notice in Chan: cause of G. Schuler in which he is solicitor 2.8   
Dr. John Lansing64 Cr.
Nov. 14. To this sum received by him of Trustees of Schenectady as a Retainer £5     July By Cash 5.    
Dr. Executors of H. Franklin65 Cr.
Decr 1–9 To advice concerning Continental money deposited with Testator 1.10   Charged in cause with Slingerland  2.6   
drawing power of Atty. to sell lands    .16  
Dr. Mathew Vischer66 Cr.
Der. 15. To opinion on a case stated by him on a Patent to Cortland van Ness and others 3.4   
Dr. John B. Church67 Cr.
1786 1786
Aug. 4 To this sum ⅌ Portlands Packet 2000     By ballance brought forward 2355.11.11
Sepr. 1. To paid John Delafield for premium of Insurance 61.10   July 31
By Cash received of Jerem: Wadsworth say 3500
ditto of Nath Schalor 3000
To this sum delivered Mr. De Heart to be shipped 800     Oct. 7 By Dominick Lynch for purchase money of half the lot due Aug 1 1050    
N. B. Shipped by the Antelope Packet By Walter Livingston for ditto do. 1050    
Decr. 6 To 2 bills of Exchange each for 100£ Stg drawn by Wm. Backhouse & Co. remitted per Packet 376.19.9  Nov 17 By Cash received from Philad. in part of your last dividend 316. 4. 3
Decr. 13
To 1 ditto drawn by ditto for Stg. 300 
1 ditto drawn by J C. Schuyler  20 
£ Stg 320 
6 ⅌ Ct  By John Chaloner for ball. due deducting ½ ⅌ Ct. commission & postage amounting together to £3.10.6 400    
603. 0.5⅓
shipped ⅌ Betsey Capt Watson
1787 1787
Feby. 7 To Cash ⅌ Duke of Cumberland Packet 679. 1.4  Feby 1
By your proportion
of purchase money of
Ships St. Anne
and two brothers
By your Jany dividend  675    
deduct J Chaloner Coms ⅌ act.  13. 7.6 
Pen Curry 861.12.6 
919. 1. 4
April 4 To Cash ⅌ the Speedy Packet including freight 500    
To bill of exchange Wm. Backhouse & Co. for £250 Sterling 471. 2.3 
July 25 bill of Exchange drawn by ditto for 800£ Stg premium 7 ½ ⅌ Ct first sent ⅌ Ship Lord Middleton Capt Heyhill 1528.17.9 
March 16 By Cash of J. Wadsworth 400    
By ditto of N Shalor 400    
By ditto of N Shalor  400    
7020.11.6  9890.17. 6
Interest on ballance due first June 1785 to June 1. 1787  100. 2. 7
on £715.4.5 9991. 0. 1
August 1 bill of Exchange of Francis Upton for 40£ Sterling a 7 ⅌ Ct. prem. 76. 1.9  87
July 25 Account transmitted this day ballance exclusive of value of lot 870.7.7.
ditto of Baron Poelnitz on Messr. Drummonds for 100£ Stg at 7 ⅌ Ct. 190. 4.6  Ballance brought down 870. 7. 7
Sepr 5 bill drawn by Wm. Backhouse & Co. for 800 Stg. a 8 ⅌ Ct. 1536.     Aug. 17 By your last half yearly divid. of bank stock 720.    
1788 paid Delafield premium of insurance ⅌ Antelope Packet 12.     By this sum received of J Chaloner 140    
Feby. 18 To bill of Exchange of Wm. Backhouse & Co. for 400 Stg. 771.11.1  Nov
By this sum received of R
Troupe on account of Cuyler & Gans
March 20 To ditto for 200 do 385.15.7  purchase money of lot 2100    
July 31 Bill of Hamilton on Hamilton for £50 Stg. 96     Augt. 4 By this sum received of J Wadsworth 1200    
Quaere? By dividend of January omitted
Aug. 6 To this sum ⅌ Roebuck Packet including freight 1040.     Aug 20
By dividend of July 1800 Dolls
Deduct loss on weight & expences of Messenger   23
Sepr 2. To bill of Will Backhouse & Co. for £400 Stg 778.13.4 
To this sum paid for executing a commission in yr. suit v Fitsimmons 6.13.2  Ballance carried to 78
Oct. 17 To this sum pd. D Phoenix Quit rent of your lot prior to sale 3. 4.1½
Dr. Alexander Macaulay Cr.
1786 1786
Aug 26 To your draft in favour of Col Jameison accepted this day 100     By Ballance brought from fol 4 286.18.3 
vide bundle Receipts To Costs Adsm Jacob Sarley 5. 1.6  By Cash received of Dan Ludlow for his brother Robert 163. 9  
450. 7.3 
Novr. 3 To Cash paid his Atty Nath Gardner 50    
To Costs of suit v R Ludlow 10.17.9 
18 To cash paid your draft in favour of Messrs William Gillies & Co 133. 6.8 
To Costs of suit Adsm Wardrop 21.12.3 
July 5 To Cash pd. Thos. Goadsby 120.    
paid Reg Mortgage omitted 10.  
paid postage at different times     8.6 
Ballance due A. Macaulay   8.10.7 
450. 7.3          
January 9th. 1788. settled the above account this day ballance due me as above to be passed to my Credit in new account Alexr. Macaulay68
Dr. Dominick Lynch69 Cr.
1786 1787
Octr. 7 To one half a lot in broad way of J Barker Church sold you payable in nine months 1050     Aug 1 Cash 1050    
Dr. Charles Crommelin70 Cr.
Sepr. 29 To Cash pd. Cary Ludlow £200     Buy my bond for (say 1500) £1500    
Oct 19 To Cash paid ditto 200    
July 7 To ditto paid ditto settled 100    
Dr. Walter Livingston71 Cr.
Oct. 7 To one half the lot of J Barker Church sold you payable in Nine months 1050.     Oct 13 By Cash (including Int. deducted for prompt payment) 570    
By Ballance due for which I have a note payable in 9 Mo:   480    
Oct. 13 To your Note of this date pay nine months 480.     By Cash   480    
Dr. Samuel Broome72 Cr.
1786 1786
Oct 1 To this sum due for fee with your son as Clerk 150.     Oct. 12 By Cash received of N Miller Esqr 40.13.7 
Oct 1 This day Mr. S. Broome Junior entered this office as Clerk & This 1st of May absented himself to return 1789 By Note of 119. 6.5 
Dr. Custom House Cr.
1786 86
Oct. 19 To Cash paid Mr. Marshall £0.4   Octr. 19. By duties on 4 small boxes with Caps and medicine ⅌ different vessels 0.4  
Dr. Richard Varrick73 Cr.
1786 1786
Octr. 31. To Cash lent as ⅌ his note of this date £40     By Cash received £40    
Dr. The Minister of Spain74 Cr.
Nov 2 To Cash paid Samuel Jones £3. 4   Decr. 20 By Cash £137.9.8 
22 To Cash paid Mr. Winter ⅌ Agree 60.    
Decr. 6 To Cash pd H. Deputy Sheriff Hardenbrook 4. 1  
To amount of Goal keepers fees assumed by me 29.14  
To advice and services as Council   37. 6.8 
To Cash for Judge Morris    3. 4  
Dr. Daniel Ludlow75 Cr.
Decr. 27 To opinion in writing concerning affairs of Samuel & Moses Meyers for Assignees in Holland 3.4    By Cash 3.4   
Dr. David Henly76 Cr.
Decr. 27 drawing a deed of conveyance from Townshend 3. 4  
ditto release of dower 1.16  
Dr. Abijah Hammond77 Cr.
Nov. 20 To opinion respecting a bargain with B Livingston 1.17.4 
Dr. Cuyler & Gansewort78 Cr.
Decr. 27 To advice concerning a bill of Exchange £1.10  
May 1 To paid Postage of bill in Chancery &c. 4.19.4 
Dr. Peter Stuyvesant79 Cr.
Jany. 19 To advice concerning a title to be given by Mr. Rivington 1.10  
Dr. Balthazer DeHeart80 Cr.
1785 To costs in a suit against assumed by you 1787
Sepr 3d. By Cash received £28    
1786 By Cash at different times heretofore omitted 17.8.10 
Jay. 10 To paid for a load of Coals sent you 0.14  
To Cash paid Rivington for Parcht. 8.     By Cash in Jersey money 6.    
Sepr. 21 By Cash 9.    
Nov. 2. By Cash for Costs in Skinners suit 9.0. 9 
    9 By Cash Brailsford v Wooldrige 19.2. 3 
May 28 By Cash Latting Carpenter v Nathaniel Quinbey 34.4. 7 
Novem 17 Costs in suit of Leake v Delancey & Kelly 11.    
Dr. John Stevenson81 Cr.
Jany 10. To Cash paid Secretary for papers relative to Your brothers claim of land 1.12  
Dr. John Hewlet82 Cr.
Feby 1. To opinion on a case between Birdsall and him sent by Youngs 1.10   By John Hewlet Feb 25 1.10  
Dr. Isaac Youngs83 Cr.
Feby. 1 To opinion concerning a fine 1.10   Nov 23. By Cash £1.10  
To advice at different times concerning arbitration 3. 4  
drawing release 4  
Dr. Charles Smith84 Cr.
1786 1786
Feby. 2 drawing two deeds of conveyance £6. 8   Decr. 5 By Cash £8.8  
     6 opinion concerning his conduct as Executor 1.10  
drawing directions for an Inventory    10  
£8. 8         
Dr. Isaac Moses85 Cr.
1786 1787
Feby 15 drawing a Petition to Legislature 1.10   Aug 2 By Cash £126    
By Cash 250 
Feby 1 purchase money of house sold you with Interest from this day 1800.     Feby. 1
By ditto 117.5
ditto 100 
Feby 1 Interest to this day 126     June 9
ditto 100 
Feby 1 Interest to this day on 1550 Nov 25 ditto by hand of Mr. Broom 80    
Dr. Messieurs Douglass (Randal Son & Stewart)86 Cr.
Feby 23. To advice concerning affairs of Leary & Co consultation with Chancellor &c. 5.     By Cash in full  £6.10  
May 23 advice concerning a demand against F. Lewis 1.10  
Dr. Pearsall Thomas87 Cr.
March 6. To drawing Petition & 3 affidavits on the confiscation Act attending Judgt. 3. 4   Nov 23. By Cash £4    
drawing assignment from Ham. Cockle  0.16         
To amt. of Costs in yr. suit v. Js. Jarvis 18. 7.9 
Dr. Samuel Franklin88 Cr.
March 6 drawing Petition to Judge & affid. on confiscation act attendance &c 2.    
      30 drawing Mortgage from Hoghland for your Partner Wm. Robinson 3. 4  
Aug 26 paid Judge Morris for Certificate of debt due from St. Croix 0.16  
Dr. Gilbert v Cortlandt89 Cr.
March 28 To Cash lent £12    
Dr. John J. Skidmore90 Cr.
March 30 paid Mr. Remsen for drawing Mortgage to P. Schuyler 2.16  
Dr. Moses Hazen91 Cr.
April 1. for drawing a special Indemnifying bond to sureties 1.    
Dr. Joseph Strong92 Cr.
1786 1787
April 5 To Cash lent £20     Octr. 24 By Cash £20    
Dr. Executors of Cooper93 Cr.
April 24 To my fee for arguing a demurrer on the citation act (Popham) 10    
Dr. Egbert Benson94 Cr.
April 29. To paid Childs for publishing a Notice in a Chancery cause for General Schuyler in which he is solicitor 2.8    By Egbert Benson 44 £2.8   
Dr. Morgan Lewis95 Cr.
April 29 To ballance due on settlement for Chan. fees. 0.17.6 
Dr. Cornelius P. Lowe96 Cr.
drawing Petition to Legislature 1.10  
May 10 drawing mortgage to Constable 3. 4  
Indorsement for further security .16  
Dr. Henry & McClellan97 Cr.
drawing Memorial to Congress respecting canadian affairs 1.10  
May 11. Opinion on citation act 1.10  
Dr. Alexander Hosack98 Cr.
July 15. Trial fee at Nisi prius as Council with Thomas Smith 5.     Nov 23 By Cash £5    
Dr. Samuel Bard99 Cr.
July To Council fee in a trial of a cause for your Father against Weisner assumed by you 5     By amount of your account
Oct 6 Advice in an expected land cause 3.4   
Dr. Robert L. Hooper100 Cr.
July 15 Retainer in your cause v. Conolly 1.10  
council fee on trial at Nisi prius 5    
Dr. William Rowlet101 Cr.
July 15 Council fee at Nisi prius in your cause against Sarly and Barnwall 5.     By Cash £5    
Dr. William Nielson102 Cr.
July 15. To Council fee at N.P. in your cause with the Blairs 5     Nov 23. By Cash £5    
Dr. Sarley & Barnewall103 Cr.
July 15. Council fee at Nisi prius on Trial of your cause with Hay 5.     Nov 22d. By Cash £5.    
Dr. Peter R. Livingston & Cary Ludlow104 Cr.
July 15. Retainer in an Ejectment cause £5    
Trial fee (in Non suit) 1.10  
Dr. Executors of Desbross105 Cr.
1786 1786
fee for arguing successfully a Question on citation act 10     Nov 23 By Cash £10    
Dr. Executors of James v Cortlandt106 Cr.
Fee for arguing successfully a Question on citation act 10    
Dr. Executors of John v Cortlandt107 Cr.
Aug 26 paid Judge Morris for acknowleging 6 deeds executed by him 2.14  
Dr. Cornelius Ray108 Cr.
Aug 30 Advice concerning Brandy left with you by Mr. Price 1.10   R.
Quare if not paid
Feb. 20 Advice concerning your uncle’s will 1.10  
power by Mr. De Haert
Dr. Isaac Gouverneur109 Cr.
Aug 23 To perusing sundry papers & giving a written opinion in your affair with Pray of Georgia 3.4   
To advice and other services in your affair with Assignees of Bend 3.4   
Dr. James Thompson110 Cr.
Sep 26 Cash lent 2.10  
Nov 13 ditto 4.    
Oct ditto at Albany 4. 5  
Dr. Jesse Hunt111 Cr.
overpayment in Sheriffs Bill Harris v. Hawkins (twice Charged) 0.18  
Delancey v Browns do 3  
Dr. Minister of the United Netherlands112 Cr.
1786 1787
Decr. 18 To Cash paid Postage of letter & rules to Charles town in the case of the Sloop Sep 28 By Cash £49.10.11
Chester 3. 5. 7 
[To drawing the Petition of Appeal fo. 831 at 1/6 ⅌ f 68 2. 6. 6 
Engrossing Ditto 1. 3. 3 
To Abrm. Lott’s Acct for translating the Affidavits into english 4. 0. 0 
paid Postage of Letter from Charlestown with Affidavits of service enclosed 0. 5. 3 
Register’s Account paid 15. 1. 4 
Expences of C. C. Pinkney of Charles Town in proving notices on the Court there 3. 9. 0 
To my fav for Arguing Motion for Rule to shew Cause and for Argug against the Cause Shewn Attendance on the Court drg. Affidt. &c. 20. 0. 0 
Dr. Shedden Patrick & Co.114 Cr.
To advice concerning vessell attached in New Jersey, consultations with Mr. Smith perusal of papers &c. 3.4   
To amount of Costs in the suit of Roxburgh Adsm Seaman 2.3.3  
vide Reg. No. 2 fol 76
Dr. Thomas & Richard Lee115 Cr.
17 June To me two setts of bills of Wm. Turner By this sum received of John Turner in bills of Exchange £200 Sterling ditto of Smith & Wycoff in ditto £100 Stg
23d July
Backhouse & Co remitted £200 Stg
Aug 1
To 1 sett drawn by Jay remitted by Packet £100 Stg
To 1 sett drawn by Barnewall on Barnewall 300 do
ditto of Sarley & Barnewall in ditto £300
Commissions on ditto at     ⅌ Ct Commissions on £200 Aug 31 By Cash received of John Murray on account of Ramsay & Co. 214.19  
Sterling remitted by Johnson & Ogden at ditto By Comfort Sands for Potash received by him 37. 7.6 
Sepr. 3 To draft of Wm Backhouse & Co. for 110£ Stg at 10 ⅌ Ct. premium Nov 7
By two setts of bills recd. of Johnson & Ogden £100 Stg
Nov 6 To two setts of bills each for £50 Stg one drawn by Chollet in favour of Low the other by Lowe in favour of Johnson & Ogden Feby
By this sum reced of J Turner £100 Sterling
Feby 19
By this sum received of Messrs J & Ogden in bills £150 Stg
Feby 19
To bill of Wm. Backhouse & Co. remitted ⅌ packet £100 Stg.
May 4 By bill of exchange of J & Ogden £100 Stg.
do To bill of ditto for £150 Stg recd. of Johnson & Ogden June 4
By bill of Johnson & Ogden £80 Stg
Aug 4
By ditto £80
May 4
To bill recd. of J & Ogden remitted by Packet £100
By Cash received of Sarley and Barnewell £320 Curry paper Curr bills
June 4
To bill ⅌ packet £80
Sep 2
Ditto £160
12½ ⅌ Ct.
Stg C Remsen & Co Nov 4
By sett of bills of Johnson & Ogden £80 Stg
Aug 4 To bill ⅌ packet £80 Stg Wm Backhouse & Co Sep 27 By this sum received of Smith & Wycoff 315 Ds.
Aug 9 To bill of Wm. Backhouse & Co remitted ⅌ Montgomery (Bunyan) £150 Stg 12½ ⅌ C
Sep. 4 To bill of Do. remitted ⅌ Packet for £80 Stg dated 3d. Sepr.
NB. Johnson & Ogden delivered me the second & third of a set for 80 Stg. the first of which they inform was remitted by them
Bill received of Johnson & Ogden Sepr 3, 1788 amd. drawn by Wm. Backhouse £80 Stg
To bill of Wm Seton & Co remitted ⅌ Packet £80 Stg
1789 1789
Jany 9
Bill of ditto remitted ⅌ packet for £80
Jany 7
ditto of Wm. Backhouse £80 Sterling
Bill for Johnson & Ogden drawn by Wm. Seton & Co. 80£ Stg
July 23
Bill of J & A MacComb 80 Stg
Dr. Pascal N. Smith116 Surviving Partner of Sears & Smith Cr.
Aug. 3 To opinion concerning the estate of Isaac Sears 1.10   vide Viner Title Money
Opinion concerning Partnership Concern 1.10  
Settled 13 Novr
Dr. Arthur St. Clair117 Cr.
April 25 To discount on your note of this day indorsed by me for your accom., in lieu of a Warrant for which provision was not yet made.
Drs Cents
Drs. 11 66
Dr. McCartney118 Cr.
Oct 13 This sum advanced him to procure certain articles for Mrs. Ham 120 Drs. By amt. of Articles procured
Dr. Executors of DeWit120 Cr.
July Trial of cause in Ejectment at Circuit £10     By Cash £3.4   
Dr. Henry Shute121 Cr.
ditto Council fee for trial of your cause at circuit court 5    
Dr. John H. Sleight122 Cr.
council fee for trial of your cause with Hoghteling 5     Aug 18 By Cash £10    
ditto council fee for trial of your cause with  5          
Dr. Robert Morris123 Cr.
Aug. To Cash lent (dld. G: Morris Check on the bank of Philadelphia for 522.8    By Cash received of Mr. Constable 522.8   
Dr. Samuel Van Wyck124 Cr.
Aug 30 To council fee attending Circuit in your cause with M Willet on trying the cause absent three days (travelling expences &c. 10.    
Dr. Frederick William De Steuben125 Cr.
Sep 24 To paid the bank for a note indorsed for him £200     By Cash received on your account of S V Rensselaer Esqr £215    
April To Cash lent 60     July By ditto of ditto 100    
June 5 To this sum pd. my note to B Walker by way of loan to him 60     Ballance Due A H carried to Page 73  346    
To cash in specie £16 
ditto paper
ditto specie  50 
April 14
To Cash 8 
To Cash £50 
ditto 20 
ditto 20 
ditto  20 
Oct 6 paid Wm Constable for you 100    
Oct 26 cash pd. Lopez  20    
 661     661    
Dr. Jacob Remsen126 Cr.
Novr. Cash paid on account order of Mr. Lewis £12     By Lewis Ogden unpaid £8    
Ogden 8    
Oct To Cash 4    
Dr. Land Account Cr.
1787 To paid Hammond for certificates to pay for lands on the River St. Laurence purchased in Company with Alexander Macombe & others 81. 4.10
July 17 paid Delafield 36. 3  
Oct. 17 To paid Delafield for ditto. ⅌ acct. and receipt of this date 315.19. 3
To paid Richard Platt for lands on the Ohio
Dr. Frederick William De Steuben127 Cr.
1790 To Ballance from Page 72 346    
June 8. 90 Cash paid your draft of this date in favour of B Walker 200    
April 5 This sum paid B Walker for you ⅌ Receipt 100    
To cash paid Leonard Cutting at different times
Dr. John J Van Rensselaer128 Cr.
Nov 5. To Cash paid your draft on me in favour of Mr. Stevenson 80    
To my fees in attending in Albany at the trial of five ejectment causes 60    
January 10 To cash paid your draft in favour of Isaac Webbers  27    
Dr. Thomas Bibby129 Cr.
Dr. 4 To Cash £100     By Cash of £40    
To this sum subscribed by you for Mrs. Campbell    10     By ditto of Mrs. Miller on accot. of Laurence 55    
By ditto of N Bayard 950.9.1 
By ditto of Wooldrige   90    
Ballance due T Bibby  1035.9.1  1145.9.1 
£1145.9.1  Received March 22d. 1788 of Alexander Hamilton the above sum of one thousand & thirty five pounds nine shilling and one penny.
T: Bibby130
Dr. Samuel Loudon131 Cr.
1787 To Cash lent ⅌ your note of this date £100     Feby By Cash £80    
Sundries 38.2   
Cash   4.5   
Jan 19
To Cash paid on Printers account 20     settled October 22d. 1788 122.7   
Interest   2.7    ⅌ Ret. in Rect. book
Dr. William Grayson132 Cr.
To Cash paid E Blake per order
to ditto ⅌ do
Dr. 8
To ditto do
vide Rect. for £12 due Nov 23
Feby. 28
To ditto ⅌ do
ditto 1    
May 27 do. in full to May 23 ⅌ Receipt 3    
Sep 19 Cash paid do 3    
Der. 8 Cash paid ditto 3    
Dr. Edward Livingston133 Cr.
Sep. 2. To Cash paid your Clerk on acct. ⅌ Ret. £14    
wood Adsm Hallet
Dr. Thorne134 Cr.
Sep. 3. To my circuit fee in Queens in the suit between his father & Cornel £15    
Dr. Henry K Van Rensselaer135 Cr.
1787 Cash lent your son 3.12  
Decr. 10 To paid your order in favour of your son KHVR 15.    
Jany. 10 To paid A Brinkerhoff upon your sons order (⅌ yr order for 25) 12.18.4 
Oct 6 To paid for Chocolate furnished your son 12. 1.4 
Dr. David Galbreath136 Cr.
Octr. 8 Opinion concerning certain public certificates assigned by Benjamin Eyre. Inquiry at the Treasury &c.  £3.4    By Cash £3.4   
Dr. Barak Snethen137 Cr.
Oct 10th To Cash paid A Burr Esquire in full of your suit of J Loyed v B Snethen 25     By Cash £31    
To your Costs in sd. suit
Dr. John B. Church138 Cr.
1788 To paid S. Loudon for advertising sale of lot in Broadway 1. 8    1789 Ballance brought from 46
Jany 20 By Cash of J Chaloner by the hands of J Lupton 440 Ds. 176    
January To bill of Wm. Backhouse for £150 Sterling      21 ditto. of ditto by draft on And Craigie
106 Ds 64/96 42.13.4 
To bill of Cornelius Ray for 200 Stg. Cash your last half yearly divid say
1800 Ds £720    
March To Cash advanced on account of Mrs. Churchs lodgings 30.    
Deduct exp. of Messenger 6.5.4 
To Cash paid Mrs. Church 500 Dollars
ditto by Mrs Hamilton 200 do.
July 14
By Your yearly dividend 1540    
ditto by Js. Cochran 200 do.
paid Js. Cochran expence as Messenger 17½
To paid Van Allen for a pr. horses for ditto 70     loss on weight
ditto for hay & oats ⅌ account 3. 9.8 
7 24½
Ds. 1515½ £606. 4  
    23 paid J & P Mark for Pyrmont water ⅌ Rt. bundle 9. 2   1790
June paid De Chosle ⅌ Mrs. Churchs order (Valet De Chamb) 11½ Aug 13 By this sum recd of J Wadsworth 4000 Ds 1600    
Guineas or 54 dollars 21.12  
June 29 To Cash by J Cochran 100 dollars 40     1791
July 3 Cash paid Abm. Brower Taylor 5.18.6½ March By this sum received of R Troupe on account of Jacob
July 14 Cash paid Mrs. Church in Guineas 238 Dollars or 95.4    Cuyler 500 Dollars 300    
July 16 paid Coachman for board 4.4    By this sum believed to have been received of J Wadsworth
paid do. for Bran for Horses 1.6    October 1. 1789 Quare? 1600    
Sepr. paid Mrs. Chuch paper paid ditto specie April draft of George Meade for 300£ Stg at 171 P. Curr.
Oct. 7 To a sett bills ⅌ packet Wm. Cons[table] & Co. 130.9 a 4½ premium 242. 6.9 
8 1 Do. Le Roy & Bayard 400£ Sg. a 4½ premium paid duty on articles ⅌ Montgomery for Mrs. Church by way of deposit which was not settled because quantity unascertained 3.18  
April 10 Draft of Jacob Le Roy & Son of this day for 4600 Guilders
Oct 2. Cash paid B Livingston Esqr to go to Phil to transact the sale of your Bank Stock 140.    
1791 1 set of bills by Js. Tilghman for 200 Stg
1 ditto 512.3
Dr. Isaac Rosevelt139 Cr.
Nov 20 To opinion on a will consisting of four questions and answers £5.0.0 
Dr. Messrs. Pintards140 Cr.
Nov 28 draft of argument in controversy with Mr. Shedden £3.4  
Dr. Jonathan Nesbit & Co.141 Cr.
1789 1789 By Cash received on the Comp with Stewart & Totten £239.6.7
July 11 To Cash paid your Atty. David H Conyngham ⅌ Rect. bundle Rects 202.13.4 
Your Costs in Chancery suit
Dr. Marinus Willet142 Cr.
86 My Costs received by you of Layborteaux £1.12  
Ditto in suit of Ray v Abiel
Dr. Cuyler143 Cr.
1789 To Cash paid Mrs. Dabborey £30    
To ditto Mr. Barkeley concerning Chan 11.15  
July 4 Cash paid yourself 3. 4  
8 Cash paid do 20.    
Aug Cash     2 Guineas 3.17.4 
ditto 10.    
Oct Cash 4    
Dr. John Adams144 Cr.
July 20 To fee for your son commencing his Clerkship this day Remitted
Dr. Stephen J. Schuyler145 Cr.
Nov 25 To this sum paid Robert Watts on account of his Bond to Ar. Kennedy & Jon Mallet 200    
Qr. where I received this money from Mr. Schuyler or not
Dr. George Mitchell146 Cr.
April 12 Cash pd. your draft in favour of James Haydock 15 Ds. £6     By a barrel of Hams
Dr. John Fenno147 Cr.
1790 Dollars
Oct 19 To Cash lent 100    
Jany 8 To Cash lent 100    
Dr. William Duer148 Cr.
1791 Dollars
Jany 12 To Cash paid Boulogne on your acct. 60.    
Dr. Benjamin Workman149 Cr.
Jany 19 To Cash lent   Dollars 40    
Dr. Doctor J. Tillary150 Cr.
1790 Dollars
October 19 To Cash lent 200    
Statement of Property belong to Mrs Elizabeth Hamilton151
Saratoga Patent—Lot No 4.
Farm No 3 Lot No 10 containing 140 acres
Farm Do part of do 140 acres
Farm No 5 Do 140 acres
Farm Do Do
Farm No 7 Do  90 acres
Farm Do Do Do  52 acres 2 Roods
Farm Do Do Do  81 Acres
Farm Do Do Do 124 acres 2 Roods
Farm Do Do Do 116 acres 3 Roods
Part of Farm C Lot No 11 Do  40 acres
a Part of Farm No 5   called Layton about  40 acres
Statement of lands lying in lot No 4 Saratoga Patent152
Farm No 3 of Lot No 10 containing 141 acres
Part of do 140 acres
Farm No 4 Do 140 acres
Qr If not 300 Dollars due from J Blair
Angelica Church153 Dr.
Monies paid to Yourself
May Cash dld you myself 500 Dollars £200    
    15 ditto by Mrs. Hamilton 200   do 80    
    21 ditto by Js. Cochran 200   do 80    
June 29 ditto by ditto 100 ditto 40    
July 16 ditto dld myself 50 Guineas 95.4   
Aug 21 ditto     do 53    
Sep. 19 ditto by Mrs. Hamilton 150 Ds 60    
Oct. 5 ditto by do 200   do   80    
For You
May paid Van Allen ⅌ Horses £70    
paid for Hay & oats 3. 9.8 
    23 paid J & P Mark Pyrmont Water 9. 2.  
June paid your valet De Chambre ⅌order 21.12  
July 3 paid Ab. Brower Taylor 25.18.6 
    16 paid your Coachman for his board 4. 4  
ditto for bran &c 4. 6  
paid deposit at Custom House for articles ⅌ Montgomery not ascertained 3.18  
Aug 12 paid coachman for amt. of several small accounts for horses & carriage & self 14.10.9 
Paid Charles & James Warner for Coach hire &c 60. 6  
Paid Mrs. Cuyler for your lodgings from May 10 to Oct 7. 21 weeks 162.    
She deducts three weeks for time they were occupied by Mrs. Morris & charges three weeks at only 4 pounds the other part of the time at ten paid do. a gratuity by your desire 10.    
Advances by Mrs. Hamilton ⅌ Memo 24.4.1     410.11  
        1 Amount from the other side £1098.15  
October 28 Cash ⅌ order Dld Sweney 100 Ds 40.    
Oct 31 Cash ⅌ order Dld Johnson 150     60    
Oct 31. 89 Dld 1198.15  
Nov. 2 Cash paid for passages of yourself & servant 370 Dollars & 66 Cents or 148. 5  
    4 This sum advanced to take with you 200 Dollars 80    
    10 paid account of your last landlady for rooms & some damage done by your servants in removing    23. 9.3 
1450. 9.3 
Bank Book on this
day stands thus
This sum for which I drew a Check on the Bank as ⅌ Check & Charge in my bank book   240 Dollars   examine Bank book.
November 4
This sum omitted October 12. 1789 as ⅌ Check 300 Dollars 120.    
This sum paid your former Music Master     40    
1706. 9.3 
July 3 overcharge in Browers Acct. £   1. 0.0 
1705. 9.3 
Dr. City of New York
To this sum paid ⟨–⟩ McClean Printer at different times
To paid an execution against Capt ⟨–⟩ on account of Rockets expended in the procession
To paid a draft on Richard Platt in favour of ⟨–⟩ Arnold to enable him to come forward to Congress
Dr. Cash
July 25 To Daniel Honan for this sum received of James Carter £29.1.11 
Officers’ fees in different stages of the suit
Seal £0. 2.3
filing writ and return 1 
Entering appearance 1 
Filing warrant of Atty 1 
Crier & bell ringer    1.6
0. 6.9
Judges fee 0.10.0
Entering writ to bring in body 0. 1.6
Entering writ to plead 0. 1.6 0.13. 
Filing declaration 0. 1.6
Entering discontinuance   1.6 0. 3. 
Sheriffs fees 0.10.6
Dr. Cash Account154 Cr.
April 3 To this sum received of Executors of Swain Adsm Service £ 6.16   SC155 April 3 By this sum due to Officers of the Court 1.13.3 
5 To this sum received in the suit of J Cortlant v Greene 4.18   SC 5 By this sum due to officers of the Court 1. 0.3 
By this sum due to Officers of the Court 1. 0.9 
June 7 By this sum due to Officers of the Court 1. 0.3 
May To this sum received of John Hunt at the suit of Leonard Laurence 4. 4.6  SC do. By this sum paid for 2 Registers SC & MC 2. 0.0 
11 By this sum due to officers of the Court 4.9 
By this sum due to officers of the Court
June 7 To this sum received in the suit of Harris v Mary Harris &c 3.19.   SC 13 By this sum due to officers of the Court MC 1.6 
14 By this sum due to officers of the Court MC
11 To this sum received of R McWilliams in his suit against Nicholls 2. 4.6  SC July 7 By this sum due to officers of MC (cause being tried)
13 To this sum received of Varin Adsm James Taylor 3.19.   SC By this sum due to do
(  do  )
To this sum received of Anderson Adsm Lowndes 1.10   MC156 8 By this sum due to do (Narr filed)
14 To this sum received of Terrason v. 1.15.9  MC
July 7. To this sum received of Medcaf Eden Adsm Rutgers 3.14.8  MC
8. To this sum received of Shrup Adsm. Thorne 3.     MC
Aug 4 To this sum received of J Le Roy in the suit of Benson Adm v Laffers 6. 8   SC
Sep 22 To this sum received of Wilson Adsm Robt & George Service 22.    
Nov 2 To this sum received of Lowe v Majorel & Mirandi 4. 3.9 
27 To this sum received in two causes of Shannon Dunlop & others Vs. Archibald Gamble 18.18.  
Dec 2 To this sum received of Executors of S Ketchum in two suits Adsm the Loyeds ⅌ Register 35. 1.2 
16 To this sum received of Gilbert Hogg v Thompson & Adsm Thomp son 7.10  
17 To this sum recd of Executors of Gifford Adsm Fraunces 25. 9.6 
23 this sum recd for Harris Vs. Thomas & Fowler 1.10  
27 This sum Recd of Dellois vs. Henry & Murray 2. 4.6 
Jany 6 This sum received of Sheriff for Costs in the suit of Tremain & Stout v Carman. 11. 4.3 
9 To this sum received in suit of Curson & Gouverneur Adsm Cherry 10.12.6 
ditto     Byrne Dorsten & Co. Adsm Cherry
29 ditto of Smith Adsm Hewlet 7. 7.6 
Febr. 14 Received of Oakley Adsm Garrineau in part 10.    
March 7 Received of Johannes Ditzmas v. Mary H Holland Eject. 5. 3.3 
22 Received of Campbell Adsm Peckwood 11.    
May 1 Received of Miller and others v. Johnson and others 7. 2.3 
Received of Executors of Antje Covenhoven v. Bogarts 7.11.6 
[17th April 1786 Baxter & Hunt Executors of Palmer vs Benjm Palmer Reced. by Cutting four pounds. in part of costs 4. 0.0 
Blair vs.
Strong &
Same vs.
De Miranda
Same vs
Guin &
Same vs
Same vs
Same vs
} Costs
in these
are paid
by Blair &
Guin &
Carthy by
parcels at
in the
to  £36.15.0
Recd. by
24 Received of Lewis Mary Adsm Henry Nash 5.19.9 
31 Received of Waddington in suit of E Rutgers 9.11.3 
June 19 Received at suit of Executors of Chambers vs Herrick 9.    
Received at suit of Executors of Do v Wentworth 8. 7.9 
29 do   of Willets Adsm. Loyed 18. 7.9 
Dr. SPC Cash Account Cr.
1786 Amount of debit brought forward Amount of Credit brought forward
Aug 26 Sears v Hepburne 18. 4.9 
Sears Adsm Executors of Chapman—Blackbourne 3. 1.3 
Maxwell vs. Franklin 18.10.  
Oct 19 Price vs. Haywood 2.12.6 
Do.   v.  Bonfield & Haywood 2.16.6 
Do.   v.  Haywood & Bindon 3.     
Price & Haywood Adsm Perry 9.10.9 
do . . Adsm Le Moyne 9.10.9 
do . . adsm Beuthelier 9.16.  
do . . Adsm Arnold 9.11.3 
do . . Adsm Thompson 9.10.9 
Do . . Adsm Findlay & Gregory 9.10.9 
Do . . Adsm Du Calvet 9. 1.3 
Do . . Adsm Cazeau 8.14.9 
do . . Adsm Jordan 4. 8.9 
Oct 31 Terbush v. Bostwick 8.18.3 
Mary Bowne v Ex of Thomas Thorne 8.16.6 
Oct 16 Benj Smith Adsm David Hawkins 5
Nov 21 Nixon v Mordecai 19.12.6 
23 Nielson v Mordecai 23. 7.3 
Executors of Wickham v. Mesier & Van Voorhies 26. 9  
Red: Wm. Geyer vs. Otis &c 2.16.4 
Decr. 5. Hewlet v Montfort Certiorari 10.    
Jany. 11 Executors of Neilson v. Ex. of Middleton 8. 1.6 
Dr. Cash Account
D H & H157
Aug. 26 Sears and Smith vs. William Campbell reced by AH 2 1.6  
Jany Cash received of Wm. Nielson for draft of deed &c 4.3  
4 William Bull Adsm Charles White 1.    
Dr. Cash Account
July 20 Received of Thompson Adsm Tucker £1. 9   July 20 Due officers of the Court
22 Received of Underhill Adsm. Quackenboss 4. 1.6  22 Due officers of the Court
[Mayors court
} Recd:
Feby 18 Frederick Jay vs. Eliahim Ford. Recd. of Eliahim Ford 1. 4.0 
May 11 Joseph Lepine vs. Jas. Griffiths. Recd of Mr Quesnay part Costs 1. 6.0 
July 4 Wm Lowry vs. Gerard H Stoddeford. Recd costs of Mr. Bard 4.17.3 
Jacob Greene
& al
Henry Johnson
The same vs
the same
} Recd
2. 7.6 
23 Robt Mc Williams vs. Jas. Keating. Recd Costs 3. 2.0 
25 Daniel Homan vs. Jas. Carter. Recd Costs 3.12.0] 
Aug 5 Thomas Arden vs Hugh McDole do 3.    
[Septr 2 Judn. Moses & Joseph Moses vs Henry Murphy & Ship ⟨–⟩ Recd Costs by Cutting 11. 4.6 
19 Holmes & al vs. Brebner & Browne. Recd Costs by Cutting 13. 6.0] 
Octr. 20 Received of Varrien Adsm Executors of Dewit 4. 1.6 
26 Received of Howard Adsm Duryee 3. 1.9 
27 Received of Joseph Crane Adsm J Shaw 1.10  
[Nov 1 Jn Aspinwall Assignee vs Nathan C Webb & Robert Smith] by Cutting [1 5.0] 
Nov 29 Received of Kissick Adsm V Kurren & Baisser & Adsm Leake 7. 0.3 
[Nov 1 Recd of Zadock Reeve
{ Re-
4 Recd of same in part of Costs 5. 0.0 
12 Recd of Rush v Murray 1. 7.0 
30 Retainer from Jas Boyd 1.17.4 
Decr 13 Burdys vs Harrison 1. 8.0 
20 Haight ads. Greenwood 1.19.0 
23 Lefferts ads Vandevoort 12.19.0 
Jany 5
Recd. of Mr.
Connolly Costs
on two Bail
bond Suits ads
Duboys & Co.
10. 5.0 
10. 5.0 
10 Morewood vs Dodd & Thompson Recd Costs by Cutting 2.11.0] 
29 Springall v Whitewood & Co. 2.     
[Feb 26 McWilliams Adm Wright. Costs Recd. By Cutting 5. 0.0 
27 Stanton Ads Keating Costs Recd by Cutting 5. 3.3 
March 4 De Witt Ads. Callahan. Costs Recd by Cutting 5.12.0 
April 7 Exrs. of Lupardas v Ruten Costs Recd by Cutting 6.12.6] 
Apr. 8 John Ireland Adsm Post 11. 4.6 
[11 Strait ads Sickles Recd by Cutting 3. 2.0] 
May 22 Laffan & Amory Adsm Murray 3.11.  

AD, Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

1H’s “Cash Book” chiefly relates to his legal practice. Because it contains also his personal accounts and because the entries on his law practice serve as a guide to his professional life in the seventeen-eighties, it is included in these volumes.

H’s entries have not been thoroughly annotated. An attempt has been made, however, to identify each individual with whom H had an account, but the individuals named in the various accounts have not been identified. Nor have the receipts which appear at the end of the cash book been annotated; many of the names mentioned in these receipts are identified in notes to the Cash Book proper, and many others are of persons too obscure to be found readily in any available source and, if found, too unimportant to warrant identification.

To facilitate cross references which H made and to indicate the accounts which appeared on the same page, the original pagination of the cash book has been retained. The page on which each account appears is placed above and to the left of the first account on that page.

2The earliest entry in the cash book was March 1, 1782; the latest was in 1791. The book has been assigned, therefore, the first and terminal dates.

3Van Cortlandt was the first lieutenant governor of New York, an office to which he was periodically re-elected for eighteen years.

4The firm of Jacob Le Roy and Sons, merchants, was located at 31 Maiden Lane in New York City.

5Abraham Ten Broeck (Brock) had been prominent in New York politics from 1761 when he entered the Provincial Assembly. From 1781 to 1794 he was judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Albany County. His son, Dirck, became an influential Albany lawyer and a member of the New York Assembly.

6Sears, an ardent champion of American freedom during the pre-Revolutionary years and the Revolution, resumed his general mercantile business in New York City at the conclusion of the war in partnership with Paschal N. Smith.

7Parker, a resident of Watertown, Massachusetts, was an army contractor during the American Revolution.

8Van Rensselaer, a resident of Albany, had been commissary of public stores for the Northern Department during the Revolution.

9Stephen Van Rensselaer was the eighth patroon of “Rensselaerswyck.” On June 6, 1783, he married Margaret (or Margarita) Schuyler, daughter of Philip Schuyler.

10Macaulay, a New York merchant and ship owner, was engaged in foreign trade, principally with the West Indies.

11Laurance practiced law in New York City.

12John B. Church, upon his arrival in the United States during the Revolution, had assumed the name of John Carter. From the numerous contracts he made for supplying the American army and particularly from the contract which he and Jeremiah Wadsworth secured for supplying the French forces in America, Church acquired a fortune. While in the United States, he married Angelica Schuyler, older sister of H’s wife, Elizabeth. When Church returned to England after the Revolution, he left the management of his American business affairs to H.

13Chaloner was a Philadelphia merchant who handled the Philadelphia business affairs of John B. Church. The business which H transacted with Chaloner was on behalf of Church.

14Wadsworth, a merchant of Hartford, Connecticut, was a wartime partner of John B. Church.

15Mulligan was a New York City merchant and tailor. His narrative of the life of H is in the Hamilton Papers, Library of Congress.

16Rivington, a printer and bookseller, had edited The Royal Gazette during the British occupation of New York City. When the Americans regained the city, in 1783, he was forced to cease publication of his paper but remained in New York as a bookseller and tobacconist at No. 1 Queen Street.

17John Marston and Brother probably were sons of Thomas Marston, New York merchant.

18Smith was a partner in the firm of Sears and Smith. Overburdened with debt, Isaac. Sears, in 1785, assigned his interest in the assets of the firm to Smith and sailed for China, where he died.

19Duer had been engaged in large-scale contracts for supplying the Revolutionary Army. After the War he was perhaps the best known New York speculator.

20James Barclay was an auctioneer at 14 Hanover Square, New York City.

21This may have been Leonard Cutting, an Episcopal clergyman, who was a Loyalist during the Revolution. Although he remained in the United States after the war, little is known of his subsequent life. There is also a possibility that it may have been Leonard M. Cutting, attorney at law, who opened his notary public and conveyancing office at 71 King Street, New York City, in 1786.

22H’s father-in-law.

23Watts, listed in The New York Directory and Register for the Year 1790 (New York, 1790), as living on Great Dock Street, was a director of the Bank of New York.

24Treat was a New York physician whose office was at 18 Little Queen Street.

25Leonard Lawrence of Queens County, New York, had been a Loyalist during the Revolution.

26In H’s legal papers there are several bonds belonging to George Harris, but no information on him has been found.

27Van Cortlandt, a New York landowner, had been city clerk under the King’s commission in the seventeen-fifties.

28Burr was at this time practicing law in New York. H, as this entry reveals, was occasionally associated with him in law practice.

29Johannes Hardenbergh of Ulster County, New York, had been a deputy to New York’s first Provincial Congress.

30As Havens was a common name in New York, it is not possible without a first name, to determine the Havens for whom H wrote an opinion.

31Waldrom was a farmer in Harlem.

32Jay, brother of John Jay, was an auctioneer at 11 Queen Street (The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends , 35).

33The census for 1790 lists three persons named James Price in Albany County (Heads of Families … 1790, New York [Washington, 1908], 14, 32, 37).

34Hewlett, a resident of Queens County, New York, had been a Loyalist during the Revolution.

35Powers purchased Fraunces Tavern in New York City in 1785.

36Probably Robert Bowne whose retail store was at 39 Queen Street, New York City.

37DeWindt lived on Maiden Lane in New York City.

38This is probably the same Philip Kuysick who in 1782 announced his intention of going to England and offered for sale his tavern in New York City.

39Nicholas Low, a member of an important Colonial merchant family, continued his commercial activities during and after the war. He was the largest stockholder in the Bank of New York.

40Thomas Goadsby, according to the papers in H’s legal file, was a New York City merchant.

41Effingham Lawrence, located at 227 Queen Street, New York City, was druggist and apothecary to the New York Medical Society.

42Murray, a member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, was one of the city’s most influential merchants.

43Moses and Myers were New York City merchants who engaged extensively in foreign trade.

44The bankruptcy of Isaac Moses in 1786 was the subject of correspondence between Jeremiah Wadsworth and H in 1785. See H to Wadsworth, April 7, 1785.

45Fraunces was the proprietor of a well-known tavern in New York City.

46The firm of Thomas Lawrence and Jacob Morris, merchants, was located at 83 Broadway, New York City.

47Ducher was appointed vice-consul at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1786 and was transferred to Wilmington, North Carolina, in 1787. He returned to France late in 1789 or early in 1790.

48Schuyler was a nephew of Philip Schuyler.

49This bill was for a case in which H represented the proprietors of the Waywayanda land patent.

50Dirck Ten Broeck, a lawyer of Albany, often represented Albany County in the New York Assembly.

51Friedrich Charles Hans Bruno, Baron von Poellnitz was the proprietor of a widely publicized experimental farm in Manhattan. It consisted of twenty-two and one-half acres of land situated on Broadway between 8th and 10th Streets.

52According to papers in H’s legal file, Field was from Bergen County, New Jersey.

53Lenox had traded with the British during the war and remained in New York as a merchant at the war’s end.

54For Williams, see PAH, XXI, 389.

55Bracketed material is not in the writing of H.

56Delafield arrived in New York from England in 1783. He was a broker in securities.

57De Lancey was the grandson of Stephen De Lancey, founder of the family in the United States.

58The New York directories for this period list no “Shaw” who was a “physician” in New York City.

59Killian K. Van Rensselaer (1763–1845) in the seventeen-eighties practiced law in Albany.

60H had represented the Hoffmans in a trespass suit which was instituted against them by the Livingstons.

61David Richard Floyd was the son of Richard Floyd, wealthy New Yorker who adhered to the Crown during the Revolution and whose estate was confiscated. David R. Floyd, pursuant to the will of his grandfather, Judge David Jones, later changed his name to Jones.

62Haydock and Warr were merchants at 49 Queen Street.

63Benson, attorney general of New York State, was a delegate to the Annapolis Convention in 1786 with H.

64John Lansing, Jr., was a lawyer of Albany.

65Mary Franklin, James Mott, and William Ryckman were the executors of the estate of Henry Franklin.

66Matthew Visscher was an Albany lawyer who was clerk of the city and county.

67See note 12.

68This receipt is in H’s writing and is signed by Macaulay.

69Lynch, an Englishman, had settled in New York City in 1784 or 1785. He probably was a partner in the counting house of Lynch and Stoughton at 41 Little Dock Street.

70A member of the Crommelin family which had established a large trading company with branches in New York and Holland, and the Amsterdam banking house of Crommelin and Zoon. The founder of these firms, Daniel Crommelin, had died in New York in 1768.

71Livingston practiced law in New York City.

72Broome, a merchant of New York City before the Revolution, had moved to New Haven, Connecticut, in October, 1775.

73Varick was a lawyer and recorder of the City of New York.

74Diego de Gardoqui.

75Ludlow, a member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, was at this time in partnership with Edward Goold.

76Henley was a resident of Massachusetts who became involved in a dispute between H and the Reverend Doctor William Gordon in 1779.

77Hammond was a wealthy New York investor.

78Jacob Cuyler and Leonard Gansevoort were Albany merchants.

79Stuyvesant, descendant of the famous colonial governor, owned extensive property on Manhattan Island.

80Balthazar De Haert was H’s law partner.

81Stevenson was a merchant of Albany.

82See note 34.

83Youngs, a resident of Huntington, Long Island, had been ordered by the British army during its control of New York City to seize horses and wagons for the King’s troops. In a suit in which he later was sued for recovery of some of the seized property, he was represented by H.

84Probably Charles Smith who in 1796 edited The Monthly Military Repository.

85See notes 43 and 44.

86Randall Son and Stewarts was a firm of merchants in New York City.

87Thomas Pearsall and Son was a firm of merchants in New York City.

88Franklin was listed in The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends as “merchant, 183 Q[ueen] street.”

89Gilbert Van Cortlandt was probably the son of Pierre Van Cortlandt, the first lieutenant governor of New York State.

90Skidmore was a farmer and resident of the township of Jamaica, Queens County, New York.

91Hazen, a Revolutionary War general, had settled at the end of the war in Vermont where he owned land.

92Strong at one time must have studied law in H’s office. On August 11, 1786, Strong, writing to H from Cooperstown, New York, spoke of Balthazar De Haert, “your late partner in business while I was under your tuition.”

93Presumably the executors of Myles Cooper, Anglican churchman and president of King’s College, who, remaining loyal to the King, had returned in 1775 to England where he died in 1785.

94See note 63.

95Lewis practiced law in New York City.

96Cornelius P. Low was a New York City merchant. H’s legal papers show that Low engaged in trade with St. Croix in the West Indies.

97For a discussion of the memorial of Robert Henry, Robert McClallen, and Robert Henry, Jr., Albany merchants, see JCC description begins Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789 (Washington, 1904–1937). description ends , XXX, 205–07.

98Hosack was listed in The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends as a woolen and linen draper.

99Bard was a physician and a professor of natural philosophy and astronomy at Columbia College.

100Robert Lettis Hooper of Pennsylvania was a wartime contractor who engaged in extensive land speculations in the 1780s.

101Rowlet was a merchant of New York City.

102Neilson, a merchant located at 40 Dock Street in New York City, offered “freight and passage to Newry and Cork” and to sell “the times of a few good servants” (The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends , 88).

103The firm of Sarly and Barnwall, merchants, conducted business at 193 Water Street in New York City.

104Probably Peter R. Livingston of Livingston Manor. Cary (Carey) Ludlow had gone to England at the outbreak of the Revolution and returned to New York in 1784. His Loyalist sympathies apparently did not diminish his wealth, for in 1792 he completed one of New York’s finest mansions.

105Elias Desbrosses, one of the founders of the New York Chamber of Commerce and its president during 1771–72, remained loyal to the King during the Revolution. He died in New York on March 26, 1778.

106Colonel James Van Cortlandt, brother of Augustus Van Cortlandt, died in 1781.

107John Van Cortlandt sold at his store at 17 Broadway, New York City, refined sugar “manufactured in his sugar house near the North River.” He died on July 1, 1786.

108Ray, a prominent New York businessman, was later a director of the Bank of New York and president of the New York branch of the Bank of the United States.

109During the Revolution Isaac Gouverneur had acted as agent in Curacao for William Bingham, the Philadelphia merchant. Gouverneur’s business activities were continued in New York after the war.

110Thompson was a merchant of New York City and the father-in-law of Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts.

111Hunt had been sheriff of Westchester County, New York.

112Pieter J. Van Berckel.

113Bracketed material is not in the writing of H.

114The firm of Shedden Patrick and Company, merchants, was located at 206 Water Street, New York City.

115For several generations it was a tradition in the famous Lee family of Virginia that one son enter business in England. Although heir to the Lee estate in Virginia, Richard Lee III (grandson of the first Lee to settle in Virginia) had become a merchant in London. The firm of Thomas and Richard Lee and Son, whose New York transactions H was handling, presumably was owned by descendants of this Richard Lee.

116See note 18.

117St. Clair was appointed governor of the Northwest Territory in 1787.

118William Macarty, a Pennsylvania merchant, who had gone bankrupt and had received a general discharge from his creditors, established a business in L’Orient, France, in 1784.

119Page 70 in H’s cash book is blank except for the heading “cash account.”

120Probably the DeWitt family of Ulster County, New York.

121A Henry Shute mentioned in the following newspaper notice: “For sale, a farm on the Bloomingdale road, near the Glass House, for particulars enquire of Henry Shute …” (The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends , 100).

122Sleight was a partner in the firm of Sleight and Van Wyck, the dissolution of which was announced in the New York press on April 17, 1786.

123Morris was the foremost merchant of America at this time. The transaction recorded here presumably was made while H was in attendance at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

124Samuel Van Wyck was a New York attorney. With William Van Wyck of Dutchess County, he speculated in land in New York State.

125For more than a decade H helped Baron von Steuben, inspector general of the Army during the Revolution, in von Steuben’s repeated attempts to secure funds to meet his financial obligations.

126Remsen was a resident of Queens County, New York, who during the American Revolution had been a Loyalist.

127See note 125.

128John J. Van Rensselaer, cousin of Stephen, the patroon of “Rensselaerswyck.”

129Captain Thomas Bibby was located at 10 Smith Street, New York City, in 1786. (The New York Directory for 1786 description begins New York Directory for 1786 (facsimile, New York, 1889). description ends , 80.)

130The receipt is in the writing of H and signed by Bibby.

131Loudon was the editor of The New-York Packet, and the American Advertiser.

132Probably the William Grayson of Virginia who had served with H as a member of the 1778 commission for the exchange of prisoners. Grayson served in the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, and was elected to the United States Senate in 1789.

133Livingston practiced law in New York City where he had been admitted to the bar in 1785.

134Probably a member of the Thorne family of Queens County, New York, the members of which had adhered to the King during the Revolution.

135Van Rensselaer (1743–1816) was a resident of Albany.

136Galbreath was a member of the St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York.

137Snethen was a wealthy farmer and miller of French Pond, Long Island.

138See note 12.

139Roosevelt, president of the Bank of New York from 1786 to 1791, was an import merchant.

140Members of the Pintard family were New York merchants.

141Jonathan Nesbitt had established a mercantile house in L’Orient, France, under the patronage of Robert Morris. He later had returned to the United States and established his firm in Philadelphia.

142Willett, New York merchant and influential supporter of Governor George Clinton, was sheriff of New York City.

143Probably Jacob Cuyler, merchant of Albany.

144For information on the clerkship of John Adams’s son, Charles, see John Adams to H, July 21, 1789.

145Brother of Philip Schuyler, H’s father-in-law. (At this point H ceased to number the pages of his cash book.)

146Mitchell was the husband of H’s cousin, Ann Venton Mitchell (see Hugh Knox to H, October 27, 1783).

147Fenno was editor of the Gazette of the United States.

148See note 19.

149Workman was a mathematics teacher in Philadelphia.

150James Tillary, a physician, was also a leading Federalist politician.

151This statement is not in the writing of H.

152This statement is not in the writing of H.

153H’s sister-in-law and the wife of John B. Church, whose American business affairs H often handled.

154Bracketed material in H’s cash account is not in his writing.

155Supreme Court.

156Mayor’s Court.

157These initials refer to Balthazar De Haert and H.

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