Alexander Hamilton Papers

To Alexander Hamilton from Robert Morris, 12 February 1782

From Robert Morris1

Philadelphia, February 12, 1782. Sends the several receivers an “Advertisement respecting the Receivers of Continental Taxes,” which states: “And whereas it is not only necessary that some precise mode be adopted for managing the public Business in this respect,2 but also that the same be publickly known, so that all Persons concerned therein may have due notice thereof I have therefore established the following rules in that Behalf, for the Receivers who have been or shall be by me appointed.”

LC, Robert Morris Papers, Library of Congress.

1H was not appointed receiver of continental taxes for New York until sometime between June 17 and July 2. On July 2, Morris, Superintendent of Finance, sent H his instructions which included a copy of this circular (Morris to H, July 2, 1782). H in turn sent this circular to Thomas Tillotson who replaced H as receiver in November, 1782 (see the second of two letters H wrote Tillotson on November 10, 1782).

2I.e., collecting the state quota.

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