Alexander Hamilton Papers

From Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler, [June–October 1780]

To Elizabeth Schuyler1

[June–October, 1780]2

I wrote you, my dear, in one of my letters that I had written to our father,3 but had not heard of him since, that the operations in the islands hitherto cannot affect him, that I had pressed him to come to America after the peace. A gentleman going to the island where he is, will in a few days afford me a safe opportunity to write again. I shall again present him with his black-eyed daughter, and tell him how much her attention deserves his affection and will make the blessing of his gray hairs.

Hamilton, Intimate Life description begins John C. Hamilton, The Life of Alexander Hamilton (New York, 1840). description ends , 7.

1Allan McLane Hamilton printed this fragment without comment or explanation.

2It is impossible to date this letter precisely. It was presumably written before H was married and some time after he had become engaged, but there are no other clues to its date.

3Letter not found.

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