Alexander Hamilton Papers

State of the Opposing Forces, [6–11 June 1779]

State of the Opposing Forces1

[June 6–11, 1779]

State of our force Rank & file
The three divisions in our camp amount by a field return of the 5th to 5047
The troops under General McDougall may be about— 2300
The troops at West Point may be abt—  1700
There may be besides these militia about—  2000
State of the enemy’s force
By General McDougalls accots.
their force on Ver Planks point may be about 5000
on Stoney point abt.—  1000
If this estimate be true they must have in New York and its dependencies abt.  5000

In this state of things What general disposition will be best to make of the whole army, so as to conciliate as far as possible the security of the Highland posts, the security of the army, the security of our communications the protection of the country and the subsistence of the troops?

Can any attempt be made to dislodge the enemy from the posts they have now taken which will intirely interrupt our best communication between the Eastern & Southern states, and tend greatly to distress and disaffect the Country?

AD, George Washington Papers, Library of Congress.

1This undated memorandum was prepared by H for Washington when the Army was in the vicinity of Smiths Clove, New York.

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