Benjamin Franklin Papers

Letter in Support of Pierre-André Gargaz, 22 May 1783

Letter in Support of Pierre-André Gargaz1

AL (draft): American Philosophical Society

Passy, May 22. 1783


The Bearer Pierre André Gargaz is Author of a very humane Project for establishing a perpetual Peace. This has interested me much in his Behalf: He appears to me a very honest sensible Man, & worthy of better Fortune: For tho’ his Project may appear in some respects chimerical, there is Merit in so good an Intention. He has serv’d faithfully 20 Years as a Gally-Slave, and now requests Letters of Rehabilitation, that he may enjoy for the Rest of his Life the Douceurs that State would be attended with. If this Request of his is not improper, & you can assist him in procuring such Letters You will do me a most sensible Pleasure. He will show you authentic Certificates of his good Conduct. With great Esteem, I have the honour to be, Sir,

1Which Gargaz requested on March 2; see XXXIX, 238–9. This statement was evidently intended for Gargaz to present to the local magistrates. If a fair copy was sent, it did no good: Ferréol de Ferry, Pierre-André Gargas (1728–1801), Galérien de Toulon (Paris, 2000), pp. 92–3.

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