Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Edward Bridgen, 11 May 1783

From Edward Bridgen

ALS: American Philosophical Society

May 11 [1783]4

As this will be delivered into your own hands by the bearer who is going to reside at Versailles I beg leave my Dr: Sir if she should have at any time occasion for your countenance I beg the favour that you will grant it her but I hope she will not want it. I wish Sir to know if there is any prospect of proceeding on the Copper Coin.5

May I also beg the favour of your Interest and Attention to Mr Parkers request he is a very honest Man but distressed on Acct: of laying out of his Property and his being a steady Friend I should hope would reccommend him to have his property restored May Health, Happiness and every good Attend you and Yours is the Sincere wish of Dr: Sir: Your faithful & Affect:

Edward Bridgen

Mr. Parkers papers are inclosed to Dr Bancroft

Notation: Bridgen—

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

4The most plausible year, based on the three elements mentioned in this letter. In May, 1783, Bridgen was awaiting Congress’ response to his proposal to supply America with copper coinage; British citizens were agitating to have their property in America restored; and Edward Bancroft (who is named in the postscript) was still in Paris. Bancroft left France in June, 1783, for a trip to America, and did not return until the following July: Bancroft to BF, June 20, 1783 (APS); Conn. Jour., Oct. 8, 1783; Morris Papers, IX, 469.

5For Bridgen’s proposal, which the American commissioners sent to Livingston in December, 1782, see XXXVIII, 481–2.

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