Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Amelia Barry, 20 September 1782

From Amelia Barry

ALS: American Philosophical Society

Pisa 20th 7bre 1782

My Dear Sir,

Docr. Burrows, the Gentleman who will have the honor to present you this letter, is one of the few friends to whom I am under infinite obligations. During his residence in Tuscany, I have found united in his Person, the character of a skilful Phisician, and a most sincere Friend: To my lasting regret, he is going with his family, to England; should he meet with any obstacle at Paris, in the prosecution of his journey, I earnestly entreat your powerful exertions in his favor; and every attention you may shew Docr. Burrows I shall consider as most immediately extended to me. He will give you my revered paternal Friend, my news & I am sure your benevolent heart will sympathize in the misfortunes6 of Most Dear Sir, Your grateful, affecate. & devoted

A. Barry

His Excellency B. Franklin Esqr.7

Endorsed: 20 Sept. 82

Notation: A Barry 20 Sepr. 82

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6The death of her husband, who left her penniless: XXXVI, 207–8.

7Barry folded this letter inside an address sheet from a letter she had received at the “Piaza St. Nicola Pisa.” That sheet is now crowded with other names and addresses written by visitors to Passy. Burrows must have written his when he left this letter for BF: “Doctr. Burrows / Rue Gilt Cœur / Hotel de [blank] / vis a vis Le Commissaire / du coté de la rue St. Andre des Arts.” The Baron de Hermelin, whom BF recommended to Livingston on Nov. 7 (below), wrote: “Samuel Gustaf Hermelin Consellier des Mines in suede”. Coulougnac (for whom see our annotation of BF to Morris, Dec. 14) wrote: “Coulougnac rüe des deux Boules hotel des Bourdonnois p une lettre de reccomandation au sujet d’une Creance de 85 mille Livres sur l’etat de Virginie”.

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