Benjamin Franklin Papers

Franklin: Passport for a Portuguese Vessel, [after 24 May 1782]

Franklin: Passport for a Portuguese Vessel1

D (draft):2 American Philosophical Society

[after May 24, 1782]

Having seen & examined certain Authentic official Papers which shew that the Ship La Nostra Signora d’achagat et St Joao a Portuguese Vessel of about one hundred and eighty Tons, Commanded by Capt. Jozé Raymundo, is by the special Permission of his most Christian Majesty, destined to St Domingo, loaded with Provisions, Wine, Flour, & other necessary Commodities for the sd Island, and that the Ship & Cargo appertain to the Subjects of his sd most Christian Majesty, our good Friend & Ally; I do hereby Certify the same to all Captains & Commanders of Vessels of War, Privateers & Letters of Marque belonging to the United States of America: & Request them not to impede the said Ship, but to afford her in her intended Voyage every Assistance she may stand in need of.3

1Gerbier de Werchamp requested this passport in his letter of May 24, above. On May 29, he thanked BF for having sent it, adding that he looked forward to seeing him soon at his niece’s. APS.

2In WTF’s hand with interlineations by BF. We indicate BF’s additions in italic.

3Filed with this passport at the APS is a scrap of paper on which BF wrote, “Brigantine Elizabeth 140 Tons 14 Carriage Guns W Stewart, Capt”. This may have been the same brigantine on which Thomas Barclay shipped shirts and blankets; see his letters to BF of June 27 and July 17.

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