Benjamin Franklin Papers

From Benjamin Franklin to the Baron de La Courtette, 24 March 1781

To the Baron de La Courtette2

AL (draft): American Philosophical Society

Passy March 24. 1781

Mr Franklin is at home every Morning except on Tuesdays,3 and will be ready to receive the Baron de la Courtelle when ever he shall do him the honour of calling on him.

Direct to the Baron de la Courtelle / Hotel St Martin / Rue froid Manteau / à Paris

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2He was the representative of the Commandeurs du Temple, the Carcassonne lodge with which BF had been in correspondence since 1780 (XXXIII, 304–6). When the Commandeurs du Temple accepted the direction of the Grand Orient in 1783, they chose La Courtette as their deputy: Le Bihan, Francsmaçons parisiens, p. 271; Alain Le Bihan, Loges et chapîtres de la Grande Loge et du Grand Orient de France … (Commission d’histoire économique et sociale de la Révolution française, Mémoires et documents, XX, Paris, 1967), p. 58.

3The day on which the King received foreign diplomats credentialed to Versailles.

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