Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Baron Joseph Podmaniczky, [after 25 July 1780]

From Baron Joseph Podmaniczky

AL: American Philosophical Society

This Sunday morning. [after July 25, 1780]3

Baron Podmaniczki presents his respectfull compliments to Dr: Franklin, and takes the liberty of asking the permission to wait upon him to day at dinner; the day of his leaving this town being fixed on next Wednesday; But as one of his Friends, the Brother of Mr: de Walkiers St: Amand4 has entreated the Baron to procure him the honour of the Doctors acquaintance, he would take it as the most particular favour if the Doctor would excuse him if he brings him along with him. Mr. and Mrs. le Roy and Mr: Magellan from London have as the Baron heared, a mind of calling likewise upon the Doctor.

Addressed: à Monsieur / Monsieur le Docteur / Franklin, Ministre Plèni: / potenciere de l’amerique / Septentrionale / à Passy.5

Notation: Baron Podmaniczki

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

3The date of Raspe’s letter introducing him, above.

4Charles-Louis Walckiers de St. Amand, a young Brussels “electrician” whom Jan Ingenhousz had recommended to BF (XXXII, 345). The brother mentioned here is probably Edouard-Dominique-Sébastien-Joseph (1758–1837), a wealthy banker, prominent freemason, and Belgian patriot; he became a vicomte in 1786. Information courtesy of Georges Walckiers. For further details see Biographie Nationale Publiée par l’Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (44 vols., Brussels, 1866–1986), XXVII, 37–42.

5In a corner of the address sheet, BF wrote the following series of homophones in French and English, evidently unfinished: “é ai ais ois / a, ai, ay, ei, eigh,”.

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