Benjamin Franklin Papers

Franklin’s List of Papers relating to the Alliance, [before 26 June 1780]

Franklin’s List of Papers relating to the Alliance

AD: University of Pennsylvania Library

[before June 26, 1780]1

List of Papers.

N° 1. Letter from the Navy Board. Dec. 21. 1778. mentioning the Orders to Capt. Landais to obey the Orders of Mr Franklin

2. Second Letter from the Officers of the Alliance complaining of Capt. Landais Feb. 2. 1779. Note, Another in stronger Terms was receiv’d & sent to America.

3. Another from Ditto complaining of Short Allowance March 3. 1779

4 Letter from Capt. Landais complaining of his Officers. May 15. 79

5 Answer, on that Subject

6. Marquis de la Fayette & Col. Gimot, on the same, speaking of the Animosities as dangerous

7. Orders to Capt. Landais to join Capt. Jones, and put himself and Ship under his Command April 28. 1779

8 Letter from Capt. Landais, he complies with the Orders, May 12. 79

9 Farther Orders to Capt. Landais July 28. 1779—

10 Letters between Capt Jones & Capt Landais at Sea. Refusal [to] obey Orders.

11 Lieut Col. Wuybert’s Certificate of such Refusal & other Misbehavior

12 Capt Ricot, of the Vengeance; his Certificate of Ditto.

13 Officers of the Vengeance their Certificate of Ditto.

14 Mr. Mease’s Certificate of ditto

15 Charges against Capt. Landais from Commodore Jones, attested by Officers

16 M. de Sartine’s Letter desiring an Enquiry into Landais’ Conduct

17 Letter to Capt. Landais, calling him to Paris.

18 Letter to Navy Board relating to the Enquiry.

19 Letters to Capt. Landais, answering about his Things left on board the Alliance. Feb. 12, & March 1, 1779.

20 Letter from Capt. Landais, demanding to be replac’d in the Alliance March 11. 1780

21 Answer to Ditto. March 12. refusing

22 Letter from Capt. Landais at L’Orient

23 —from Officers of the Alliance April 12, 1780

24 —from Do. May 31.

25 —from Do. June 7.

26 Mutinous Paper sign’d by 115 of the Sailors of the Alliance interlin’d & sent to BF. by Capt Landais

27 Letter to Capt. Landais, June 7.

28 Letter to the Officers June 7.

29. Orders to Capt. Landais & the Officers, sent by Advice of the Minister of the Marine.

30 Letter from Capt. Landais with a Copy of his Commission. June 16. 1780

31 —from Mr. Wharton } relating to the Proceedings
on board the Alliance
32 —from Mr Nesbit
33. —from Mr Moylan

34 —from Capt. Landais June 14. that he is advis’d by the principal Americans, will keep the Vessel and follow the Orders of the Secretary of the Navy Board

35 Capt. Jones’s Acct of the Proceedings of Capt Landais

36 Letter from Commodore Gillon, enclosing Copy of one to M. de Sartine & one to Capt. Landais

37 Mr Moylan’s Letter relating to Sailors entic’d from the Service of the States by Comme. Gillon.

38 Queries on the whole.

List of Papers relating to the Alliance Frigate

1On June 26, below, JA acknowledged receipt of the thirty-seven items (and the queries based on them, the immediately preceding document) which are enumerated here. Among BF’s other papers at the University of Pa. Library is a two-page list in L’Air de Lamotte’s hand of letters written to Landais, to Gillon, and to the officers of the Alliance, the latest of which are dated June 16. One of the letters, BF to Gillon, May 28, 1779, is no longer extant. The list is partly in French, partly in English.

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