Benjamin Franklin Papers

Certificate Condemning Prizes, [before 9 February 1780]

Certificate Condemning Prizes

AD (draft): Historical Society of Delaware

[before February 9, 1780]4

I the underwritten, Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of America to the Court of France, have perused the Procés Verbaux, or Examinations taken before the Judges of the Admiralty of the Eveché de Vannes, and by them transmitted to me, relating to the following Captures and Ransoms made by the Black Prince Privateer, Capt. Patrick Dowlin on the 26th. 27th. and 28th of December last, viz

The Brigantine Betsey, Capt. Abraham Button, ransomed for 210 £ Sterling, William Button Hostage.

The Sloop Hereford, Capt. William Jones, ransomed for 110 £ Sterling, Nathaniel Bowen, Hostage.

The Brigantine Polly, Capt. Thomas Corving, ransomed for 1050 £ Sterling, John Causfield, Hostage.

The Brigantine Nomey, Capt. Paul Tremeam, ransomed for £262.10.0. Sterling, John Husband, Hostage.

All which Captures, &c

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

4By which date BF had sent Torris almost all the prize judgments from the joint cruise of the Black Prince and Black Princess. See our annotation of BF to Torris, Feb. 9, when we discuss another set of handwritten condemnations. Earlier ones are discussed in XXX, 361–3, 411n, 432n. In our annotation of BF to JW, Dec. 22, 1779, we describe a printed condemnation.

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