Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from [the Marquise de Boulainvilliers], [25 December? 1779]

From [the Marquise de Boulainvilliers]3

AL: American Philosophical Society

ce Samedy Matin [December 25, 1779?]4

Nous avons lhonneur de faire Mille remerciments a Monsieur franklin de son attention obligeante. Nous sommes dans linquietudes et dans l’impassiances la plus vive des nouvelles; nous suplions Monsieur franklin de nous en intruire quand il le poura et de venir bientot recevoir nos tandres homages; ma petitte accouchée qui vat a ravir me prie de dire a Monsieur franklin quelle Meritte bien le plaisir de lembrasser et quelle le desir beaucoup.

Addressed: A Monsieur / Monsieur franklin Minnistre / prenipotensere des êtats / de lamerique / a passey

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

3Identified by the handwriting.

4This date is based on the hypothesis that the “petitte accouchée” is Mme de Boulainvilliers’ second daughter, Mlle de Passy (for whom see XXVIII, 284n), married to the vicomte Gaspard-Paulin de Clermont-Tonnerre. Her first baby was born on Nov. 27, 1779 (see DBF, VIII, 1514), and a delay of one month before visiting her would have been normal. The writer’s worry about BF’s health might indicate either 1779 when he postponed the Jones-Landais hearings because of illness or the fall of 1780 when he suffered the severe attack of gout that triggered his “Dialogue between the Gout and Mr. Franklin.” In this case, the baby would have been the second child, who cost his mother her life in early February, 1781: Jour. de Paris, Feb. 7, 1781.

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