Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from the Vicomte de Sarsfield, 6 June 1779

From the Vicomte de Sarsfield8

AL: American Philosophical Society

6 juin [1779?]

Le Vicomte de sarsfield a l’honneur dEnvoyer a Monsieur francklin La Lettre cy jointe—. Le derangement de sa santé Là Empechè d’Avoir L’honneur de Le Voir depuis longs temps— Il ira Le Chercher a Passy dans la Semaine prochaine— Il A L’honneur de l’assurer de son sincere attachement.

Il Supplie Monsieur francklin d Avoir la bonté de Luy Envoÿer les Nouvelles Gazettes americaines et de Luy faire dire les Nouvelles quil a recües

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8Jacques-Hyacinthe de Sarsfield had been introduced to BF by his brother, the comte, in XXIII, 231n. We now believe that the present letter, which had originally been catalogued as c. 1779, was the sequel to Sarsfield’s note of April 16, 1778, and should have been published in vol. 26. But no internal clues, other than the mention of an illness, argue in favor of any one year over another. We therefore publish it here, without further explanation. Another undated note from the vicomte, written on a “dimanche,” sends a present of several cheeses. APS.

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