Benjamin Franklin Papers

The American Commissioners to William Lee, [22–26] September 1778: résumé

The American Commissioners to William Lee1

AL (draft): Massachusetts Historical Society; two copies: National Archives

<Passy, September [22–26],2 1778: We have considered the papers you submitted, including the project of a treaty between the Netherlands and the United States. As Congress has appointed no commissioner to deal with their High Mightinesses, we have taken and will continue to take all suitable measures to further friendship between our countries. We do not think it prudent for many reasons to express at present any decided opinion on the projected treaty you communicated to us. We however wish to express our disposition to treat on an object which promises to lay the foundation of an extensive commerce and to tend to prevent the continuation of war.>

1Published in Taylor, Adams Papers, VII; see also Lee’s letter of Sept. 17.

2Because of its position in the letterbook, this must have been written between these two dates: Taylor, Adams Papers, VII.

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