Benjamin Franklin Papers

The American Commissioners to Vergennes, 17 July 1778: résumé

The American Commissioners to Vergennes6

LS: Archives du Ministère des affaires étrangères; copy: National Archives

<Passy, July 17, 1778: We enclose a resolution of Congress about the treaties, and request that it be laid before the King.7 It will show him how he has won the hearts of that body and of the American people by a beneficence that time will never efface.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6Published in Taylor, Adams Papers, VI, 298. See also the commissioners to the president of Congress, July 20.

7The substance of the enclosure (now missing), thanking the King for his “truly magnanimous conduct,” is known only through the Congressional resolution of May 4: JCC, II, 457–8.

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