Benjamin Franklin Papers

William Moore to the American Commissioners: a Petition, 20 June 1778: résumé

William Moore to the American Commissioners: a Petition5

ADS: American Philosophical Society

<Paris, June 20, 1778, in the third person: He is a native of New Jersey who has just returned from the East Indies, where he and his brother have property. They were about to move it to Great Britain; now that he knows the situation there, however, he wants to transfer his own to the United States and to persuade his brother and several friends to do likewise. May he have a passport to return to the East Indies, and leave to go from there directly to America with a ship and cargo?>

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5Published in Taylor, Adams Papers, VI, 225. The petition was successful, as noted there; three days later Moore received his passport after signing the oath of allegiance. In that instance all three commissioners attested his signing (APS), but in another BF acted alone. On June 27th he certified the oath of one Solomon Townsend, a mariner from New York, and gave him a letter to that effect. The oath with certification is in the APS; the letter is reproduced in Clyde C. Walton, Jr., A Catalogue of Historic Letters . . . from the Private Library of Foreman M. Lebold . . . (Iowa City, 1952), p. 11.

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