Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Richard Price, 10 May 1778

From Richard Price

AL: American Philosophical Society

May 10th [1778]

Dr. P. is very Sorry the bearer of this has any reason for giving Dr. Franklin any farther trouble; but he doubts not but Dr. F—— will receive him with his accustomed goodness.

Is there any truth in the Stories propagated here that the Congress is divided; that Genl: Washington is grown unpopular; that his army deserts in great numbers; and that the Sufferings of the Americans are excessive? The Commissioners are gone assured, that the terms they are impower’d to offer by the conciliatory Bills, tho’ much Short of Independence will be accepted. Is there any reason to expect this? Any notice which Dr. F may take of these questions to Mr. P——r,2 or any intelligence which he can give with propriety, will be gratefully accepted by Dr. P—— who indeed, in these Sad times is extremely anxious.3 He wishes his particular remembrances may be deliver’d to Mr. L—— and Dr. B——. Mr. Curteis and Mr. Webb are both broken and ruined.4 Many events of the Same kind have lately happen’d; and there is reason to fear they are but the beginning of Sorrows.

A family in which Dr. F—— used to be very intimate, and particularly the amiable Miss G——a,5 are very inquisitive about him, and wish him to know they are all well, and that they always remember him with particular affection and regard. The Society of whigs at the L—— never forget him.6

Addressed: To / Dr F——

Notation: Dr Price

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2Presumably the bearer, who may have been Price’s friend John Palmer, for whom see above, XIX, 311 n, and W. Bernard Peach and D.O. Thomas, eds., The Correspondence of Richard Price (1 vol. to date, Durham, N.C., and Cardiff, Wales, 1983–), I, 141 n.

3Particularly about the imminent war against France; see ibid., pp. 273–6.

4“L” and “B” are Arthur Lee and Bancroft. “Curteis” is perhaps William Curtis, who had been part of Price’s circle for years: above, XVI, 224. Webb was undoubtedly the Benjamin Webb who had written BF the previous Christmas: above, XXV, 353.

5The Shipley family, and especially Georgiana.

6The Club of Honest Whigs, at the London Coffee House.

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