Benjamin Franklin Papers

Franklin’s Inventory of His Linen, etc., 6[–11] May 1778

Franklin’s Inventory of His Linen, etc.6

AD: American Philosophical Society

May 6[–11], 1778

Account of Linnen &c. taken this 6th of May 1778

Shirts of No. 13 5
odd ones 4
of No. 12 6
of Do. at the Wash   query 4 5
of Do. on my Back 1
of Do., dirty  1
Several gone to be mended
Stocks clean 6
at the Wash 5
foul 1
Drawers 5
Hand kerchiefs Cambrick cross Barr’d 9
White cambrick 2
  at the Wash 1
Silk 5
Caps 7
Edg’d Ruffles spare Pairs 4
7 { White Silk Stockings Pairs
at the Wash
Striped Do. 1
Stockings white Worsted Pairs 2
grey 1
black 2
black Silk 4
Calico Bodies7 2
1 Nightgown 1
May 7. brought home from the Mender
Shirts No 13 5
odd ones 3
Stocks 4
Stockings white Silk pair 1
May 11 Brought home from Mender
Shirts odd ones 2
Stocks 2
White Silk Stockings Pairs 2
[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6This glimpse of BF in undress has enough interest of its own, we believe, to belie the stock complaint that editions like ours print even laundry lists.

Another glimpse behind the scenes at Passy is an extensive list of kitchen utensils, which Deane had rented in April, 1777, and BF took over a year later; the list is embodied in a volume of bills and business memoranda, 1777–85, pp. 23–7. APS.

7Bodice, a stiffened undergarment. All the items except the first, this one, and the nightgown are checked off in the margin.

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