Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from ——— Tartivot, 1 February 1778: résumé

From ——— Tartivot1

ALS: American Philosophical Society

<February 1, 1778, in French: If Frenchmen emigrate to America, I am asked to tell you about two young men from a respectable family who want to spend some years there. They are only sixteen and eighteen but have been trained in agriculture and the lumber trade; they can write a little and have some arithmetic, as well as “l’Esprit de Sagesse et baucoup de Coeur.” In case you want to add good fellows to those already there, tell me what these are fitted for and whether they would be sure of a living if they behave themselves. A good geometrician would perhaps go with them if he were sure of making his way.>

1He signs himself “Marchand Negotient a Courcelles Le roy par le Boyne en Gastinois.” The village is near Pithiviers.

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