Benjamin Franklin Papers

Nathan Dorsey: Two Receipts to the Commissioners, 21 October 1777: résumé

Nathan Dorsey:5 Two Receipts to the Commissioners

AD: Library of Congress

<Passy, October 21, 1777: Two identical receipts, each for 192 livres; three receipts have been given, and the first one paid will void the others.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

5A Marylander who was surgeon of the Lexington: Naval Docs., VIII, 238. He seems to have been captured with her in September and to have escaped in a matter of weeks. There are receipts for a payment entered in the Waste Book on Oct. 15 and in Deane’s accounts on the 20th: Deane Papers, V, 304. Two months later Dorsey was trying to get more money: ibid., II, 280.

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