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Lambert Wickes to the American Commissioners, 13 March 1777

Lambert Wickes to the American Commissioners

ALS: American Philosophical Society

LOrient March 13th 1777


I Take this Opertunity to Inform you Of the proceadings of the Commissary of this port7 Which Seam very odd to me as I have Recd. no Instrucktions from you. He Sent for me to Day and told me I must Get my Ship Cleaned and put Every thing on bord As fast as possible and then Departe the port Immediately. He further Informd me he Should Send persons to See That We Did not Delay any time. These are very Extraordinary orders and Such as I Should Suppose you Are Allready Acquainted With. If So Am much Surprized I Am not Informd by you in What maner or How to procead So As not to Giv Umbrage to the King or Minnisters. I Can Get the Ship Ready in 8 or 10 Days At furthest But Shall Be very Glad to heare from You As Soon As possible or At Least before I Sail. If I Should be Drove out of this port by the Commissary Without your orders I Cannot tell Where to Go to Wait your Instrucktions or Whethere to procead Directly for America or not; As I Am ordered not to Enter any french port again. I have Recd. none your favrs, Since those By Mr. Defrancy Which I Cannot Account for but hope youl Soon Write me fully and Advise in What maner to procead. From Gentlemen your most Obligd Humble Servant

Lambt Wickes

PS Pleas answer this As Soon As possible and Exskuse it as I have Scarcely time to Write before the post Departs.

To the Honbls. Docktor Benjamin Franklin Silas Dean

Addressed: To / The Honbl. Docktor Benjain Franklin / Paris

Notation: Capt. Wickes 13 March 77.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7Charles-Pierre Gonet, who first appears as an intendant in Wickes’ letter above, Feb. 19.

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