Benjamin Franklin Papers

The Secret Committee to the Maryland Council of Safety, 13 September 1776: résumé

The Secret Committee to the Maryland Council of Safety7

LS: Maryland Historical Society

<Philadelphia, Sept. 13, 1776: We have been asked for powder for the continental frigate built at Baltimore.8 The powder should have been ordered there, and we understand you have a considerable supply; please furnish four and a half tons for the purpose to Messrs. William Lux, Samuel Purviance, and David Stewart.9 We will repay you in kind or supply more if necessary. Signed by Franklin, Josiah Bartlett, Richard Henry Lee, and Robert Morris.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7This letter was ordered written in a committee meeting on Sept. 5, at which BF was not present: Smith, Letters, V, 108. He does not appear to have attended after June, 1776, as mentioned in our editorial note on the committee above, Sept. 18, 1775; why he signed the letter we have no idea.

8The Virginia; see the complete text of the letter in Naval Docs., VI, 807.

9For these three Baltimore merchants see Robert Purviance, A Narrative of Events Which Occurred in Baltimore Town during the Revolutionary War . . . (Baltimore, 1849), pp. 31–2, 105.

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