Benjamin Franklin Papers

The Commissioners to Canada to [Philip Schuyler], 11 May 1776

The Commissioners to Canada to [Philip Schuyler]

LS: Château de Ramezay Museum, Montreal

Montreal 11th. May 1776

Dear Sir

We desire that you will shew to Mrs. Walker every civility in your power and facilitate her on her way to Philadelphia; the fear of cruel treatment from the enemy on account of the strong attachment to, and zeal of her husband in the cause of the united Colonies induces her to depart precipitately from her home; and to undergo the fatigues of a long and hazardous journey.8 We are sorry for the occasion of writing this letter and beg your attention to alleviate her distress; your known politeness and humanity, we are sensible, without this recommendation from us, would prompt you to perform the friendly office. We are with great esteem and sincere regard for yourself and family Dear Sir Your affectionate humble Servants

Saml Chase
Ch Carroll of Carrollton
B Franklin9

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

8Mrs. Walker’s house was also the commissioners’ during their stay; see the note on their letter to Hancock above, May 1. She traveled with BF as far as Albany; at Saratoga they were joined by her husband, for whom see the note on Goforth to BF above, Feb. 22. By the time that that journey was over, BF was thoroughly annoyed with both Walkers; see his letter to the other commissioners below, May 27.

9BF normally signed first. In this case he received the note, enclosed with Father Carroll’s below of May 11, and presumably added his signature.

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