Benjamin Franklin Papers

The Cumberland County Commissioners to the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, 9 February 1776: résumé

The Cumberland County Commissioners to the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety

Text printed in Samuel Hazard et al., eds., Pennsylvania Archives (first series; 12 vols., Philadelphia and Harrisburg, 1852–6), IV, 713.

<Carlisle, February 9, 1776: We received yours by John Montgomery7 and in response inform you that we have workmen under bond to finish the full complement of muskets by April 1 next. Gun locks are not available at any price, but we will do our best to have the work completed by then. The cartouche pouches and belts are done, but no cloth is to be had for knapsacks; please order them made in Philadelphia. Addressed to Franklin as president of the committee and signed by James Pollock and Samuel Laird.8>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7A member of the Carlisle committee of correspondence; see the letter to it above, Jan. 26.

8Pollock was a member of the county committee of correspondence; see its letter above, Dec. 29. Samuel Laird (c. 1732–1806) was a lawyer who was subsequently treasurer and then a trustee of Dickinson College. PMHB, III (1879), 235; Charles F. Himes, A Sketch of Dickinson College. . . (Harrisburg, Pa., 1879), p. 139; Charles C. Sellers, Dickinson College. . . (Middletown, Conn., [1973]), pp. 120, 484.

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