Benjamin Franklin Papers

The York County Committee to the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety, 29 January 1776: résumé

The York County Committee to the Pennsylvania Committee of Safety

LS: Amherst College Library

<York, January 29, 1776: The committee’s recommendation of officers was made, because the time was so short, without consulting them. Personal affairs prevent Barnet Eichelberger from serving; he has given his reasons in writing, and they are valid.9 His letter deals partly with private matters and is not enclosed; his lieutenant colonel will return the commission to Philadelphia. In his place John Edey (Edie) is recommended as first lieutenant; he is well behaved, well qualified, and so well connected that “he will have the greatest Influence in raising Men.” Please obtain the commission from the Congress and send it by the Lancaster post “or some safe hand.” Addressed to Franklin, Robert Morris, Owen Biddle, and the committee of safety and signed by James Smith, Chairman, and Michael Swoope.1>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

9For the recommendations see the committee’s letter above, Dec. 23, 1775. Eichelberger’s commission was issued, nevertheless, on Jan. 9; and his resignation became effective on Feb. 5. Heitman, Register of Officers, p. 165.

1John Edie had been commissioned as a second lieutenant on Jan. 9 and was promoted to first on Feb. 5, presumably in Eichelberger’s place. He was wounded and captured during the retreat from Canada and exchanged almost two years later. Ibid., p. 164. For Smith and Swoope see the letters from York above, respectively, Oct. 4 and Aug. 31.

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