Benjamin Franklin Papers

Export License from the Secret Committee, 9 January 1776: résumé

Export License from the Secret Committee

DS: University of Pennsylvania Library

<Philadelphia, January 9, 1776, to the New Hampshire committee of inspection: The secret committee, as empowered by the Congress, authorizes John Langdon of New Hampshire8 to export to the amount of $10,000 the produce of the colonies, in their service and according to the Continental Association;9 horned cattle, sheep, hogs, and poultry are excepted. Signed by Samuel Ward, John Alsop, Josiah Bartlett, Robert Morris,1 and Franklin; attestation by John Hancock that the signers are a quorum of the committee and have the requisite authority.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

8Langdon (1741–1819) was a merchant and politician and member of the Continental Congress: DAB.

9As amended by BF’s resolution above, under July 14.

1Morris had succeeded Thomas Willing as a member of the committee. For John Alsop (1724–94), the only signer not in the DAB, see Biographical Directory of the American Congress. . . ([Washington,] 1961), p. 475.

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