Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Charles Moore, 1 October 1775

From Charles Moore2

AL: D. A. F. H. H. Hartley Russell, on deposit in the Berkshire Record Office (1955)

October 1st. 1775

Chas. Moore presents his Complements to Doctor Franklin, and sends the inclosed Papers to him by Order of the Assembly, to be transmitted by the next Packet, to Mr. Hartley, the Member for Hull, some of the Colony Agents, or such other Friends to America, as the Doctor may think most proper.3

Notation: Mr Moore Philad: Oct 1/75

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2The clerk of the Pa. Assembly: above, XXI, 471 n.

3In his letter of Sept. 12 BF promised to comply as best he could with Hartley’s request, in a letter now lost, for petitions from the colonies. He apparently forwarded that request to the Pa. Assembly, which appointed a committee to search the records for its attempts since 1763 to secure redress of American grievances. The result was “the inclosed Papers,” which were: copies of a petition on paper currency and of thanks for repeal of the Stamp Act, 1766; three petitions against the Townshend revenue act in 1768, and one in 1771 against continuing the tea duty. These documents are also in the Berkshire Record Office. BF doubtless transmitted them, along with Moore’s covering note, in his letter to Hartley below, Oct. 3, which survives only in an extract.

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